Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Latest Target Finds

I am so sad right now because I was going to blog about my latest target finds, plus a pair of shoes I found by looking at a favorite blog, HighFashion4Less ,that would have matched my target find.  I was so excited to put together a couple of outfits with this shoe.  I had it up and ready to pay for, got distracted by Devin and dinner, and when I clicked "Add to shopping cart" at, the item was no longer found!!  This is the second time something like this has happened to me. :(  So I am so pressed over the shoe, (I have been wanting one like it for a year), that I am going to call the local Charlotte Russe's and see if they have it in their store, which last time I checked, they didn't.  It's so silly things like this can really bum a fashionista out (or anyone finding something cheap they love), but I am super bummed.  Anyway, I will still blog about my latest Target finds.

Lately, I had the "perfect black summer dress" on my mind, I hadn't seen it yet, but I had an idea in my head.  The perfect black summer dress is great for any occasion, shopping, restaurant, barbecue, party, you name it; not too dressy, not too casual, just right.  As I was browsing Target with two lovely gals, not really looking for anything, I came upon this denim (but not tacky) romper with a belt as well as a pinstripe one that was adorable!  Kayla and I tried them on, and both of us have a romp that's not flat, but you would think otherwise in the romper. Boooo!  And then we came upon a black one with lighter material that did our booties the justice they deserved (for $19.99).  It is so cute and it can replace the need want for my little perfect black dress!  Sadly, I was extra excited to wear it with my sandals that are no longer available :(

It looks better in person and not with the tacky gold bathing suit underneath.  It's super cute paired with any gladiators.  My idea was to wear gold or silver big cute earrings, possibly hoops, with some aviator glasses, bracelets and rings.  Here are the sandals that I love but are no longer available:

Lastly, I told them to keep me away from the baby section, as I would probably buy something which would in turn piss Michael off because "Devin has too many clothes and doesn't need more," but they were taking too long so I couldn't help myself.  I fell in love with this:

Clearly, I got it.  It was only $8.99 and it's going to be 80 degrees Friday!  I couldn't resist (sorry Mike).  You can't see the top but it has a turquoise collar and the two turquoise buttons.  Adorable!  Even Michael smiled when he saw it, but still I got reprimanded.  And yes, little Devin needs a haircut.  It looks like he has a helmet head.  He is teething and crabby in the evenings lately, so I couldn't get the cute smile we all long for!

Well, wish me luck for my Charlotte Russe endeavors!


  1. Hi Mina! I was so sad to hear they are no longer available:( I will def try and find something similar for you soon. Love your blog and Devin is the cutest thing in the world. Lastnight I had dinner with Patty and Will and Devin was the topic of conversation:) xoxox

  2. Hi Mina,
    Check out these leopard flats I found that are pretty similar!!

  3. thanks sara!! I'm super excited :)