Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Monday!

I hope your weekend was awesome!  Mine was alright.  I got a lot of sleep in.  My Monday turned out lovely because I got to a) enjoy the rain (you know I love rainy days) b)got off work early.  So we were told at 3 pm that we needed to be out of the building and parking garage by 4 p.m.  Everyone dipped out of there at 3:30.  Although I had to spend it doing errands like getting lots of groceries, I did enjoy not rushing and being able to grab the groceries, make dinner, have Devin in bed by 8 and then do other errands.  I didn't have to rush, so that nice, but I do wish I got to relax more.  Overall though, it was a good day.  Here are last Fridays outfit pics, because today's was nothing special.

striped cardigan: f21 ($14- used to be $24)
sweater: f21 ($12)
black pants: old f21 (?)
huntington boots: kids dept nordstroms, ($40- originally $78)

Friday, February 25, 2011

I don't think you're ready for this Wellie

Soo, I have been loving the hunter wellies forever now, and lately, since I have been controlling my spending better, my brain has been thinking about them too much (so that I can mess up and splurge). So the other night when i finally felt better, I went to Lord and taylor to try some on.  I knew I wanted red or yellow.  I tried un the hunter green color, cuz I love that too.   These babies were $125, and I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

So yesterday, I went to Nordstrom during lunch and htey had the red short ones in my size for $115, still not convinced.  As I'm heading to leave, I pass the kids section, CHA CHING! I have small feet...........I try on the kids size 4, and they are technically tall and not short, AND they fit!  They were only $78, and I had a gift card, which meant I paid only $40 all together.  This taught me a lesson in patience and waiting for the right moment, which I have gotten a lot better about.  Happy Friday!

{image taken from google image search}

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Back!

Sorry for the hiatus folks, I got hit with a nasty cold/sinus infection.  I'm still recovering, but I finally felt a lot better today.  I was bed ridden for 3 days, feeling like there were knives in my facial sinus cavities, all over my head, with the occasional migraine.  Not to mention everything tastes the same and I can't hear from my ear (still). Fun!

Well, the good news is that I got my Warby Parker's.  The one's that I have my heart set on are not the right color that I want, but it's the shape I was/am most excited about.

These were the "Colton," and the ones I knew I wanted best (but in a darker color).

These were the "dorky" type that you find in the stores, that I love! I'd love to have a real pair, but truth is, they won't be as practical for me.  I wouldn't get as good of a use out of them, and I don't want to make that mistake twice ( ahem, escada glasses from cosco)

Lastly, these were a great pair too.  Excuse the different color, my camera batteries went out, so this was taken with the iphone.  I love the color and shape, but I'll see what my insurance will take care of, and if there is a good free - cheap pair similar, I would rather get them that way and get the Coltons.  This style frame isn't that hard to find, but I do love the color (which will be).

Oh, and I was very happy with the service.  I ordered 3, asked for them to add one more, and they chose to pick on on their own they thought I'd like.  And, they got to me in 4-5 business days from when I ordered. Very happy so far!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reminder Rings

I found these precious rings for $1.50 when I went to a wonderful and random thrift shop.  They were $1.50, and even more expensive than a leather jacket I got!  I loved that trip.  Anyhow, these rings were sitting safely in a pocket in my purse for a while until I somehow randomly decided their fate.

 {the top two are garnet colored, and the bottom are a turquoise}

You see, I was listening to the radio when they were speaking about the death one of the vj's, Ill Will. Everyone was crying, and it was so horrible and sad.  He apparently had been sick, but I am not sure with what.  What stuck out the most, was how many people said they remembered Will as someone who was always happy and positive.  They said no matter what, he always wanted to make the best out of anything and always looked at the positive.  Every person that personally knew him and called in, had this to say in one way or another.  I was like damn, that's a great way to be remembered, and I admired him.

It all kind of made me think and I wanted to start being more positive by trying not to complain for a week.  Just even about little things (although, health issues didn't count if I needed to say 'hey, I can't do that right now cuz my head is pounding,').  What is one of the ways people remind themselves of something?  They wear rubber bands on their wrist!  So I decided that's what I wanted to wear these rings for, for this week.  These rings just felt special to me, I don't know.  But ok, I am done being a weirdo. 

Here are just a few things from around the web that I have stumbled upon, loved, and wanted to share:

 {someones bouquet of pins for their wedding, how beautiful!}

 {someone's shoe closet from, COLLOORRSSS!}

 {from Melody Eshani's tumblr, love Charles Mingus}

p.s. The past couple days have been warm and heavenly, so I will make up the outfit posts with what I wore soon <3

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Warby Parker, baby.

So, last time I posted about glasses, I had just gotten my cosco glasses, one escada and the other (that I actually end up wearing all the time) sadly enough.....are apple bottoms! HA!  But hey, they were cheap and looked great, I always get a lot of compliments.  Anyway, my eyesight has gotten worse, and the apple bottoms are a little broken.  It's time for new glasses.  Thankfully, I have discovered Warby Parker.

Check out the sight, but basically, every pair of glasses are only $95, including the prescription lenses. And that's not even the best part, every pair bought is a free pair to someone in need!  Another cool thing, you can order the glasses to try on at home with free shipping, you send them back for free shipping, and if/when you decide to order them for yourself, it's free shipping then too!  All the styles are unique, but they have glasses for everyone, so go check them out!  I've been so excited to share the information with you!  I just ordered my picks to try on at home, so I will keep you posted!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day (Everyday's the 14th!)

If ya don't know, thats an Andre 3000 (of Outkast) lyric, and I always hear that part in my head when someone says Happy Valentines day.  Anyway, I bet you're wondering about New York!!

I don't have a lot of pics from it, and I also don't really have anything exciting to say about it.  I should have networked more and I'm not happy with myself about it.  But, I will dedicate a full post to that sometime this week.  For now, (on a happier note) I wanted to show you my Valentines outfit.  Too cheesy/festive?:

(this is a "lol" picture, we were testing shooting with a 50mm lens, but it was getting dark- and no it wasn't as dark as the picture makes it seem)

I actually had the sweater tucked in when I wore it today.

This is how I looked most of the day.

pink blouse: vintage, thrifted ($2)
red sweater: thrifted, ($4)
black miss sixty pants: thrifted, ($16 in Cali)
f21 shoes: gabriel brothers, ($14)

I hope you had a great Valentines Day, lovers!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Saturday Monday

I wanna leave here in a minute for work and try to get there early.  Dev has been SUPER sick.  He has a bronchial virus called RSV, and needs to be on a nebulizer at night :( It's the saddest thing ever, but he seems to be getting better.  He was in bad shape this weekend, and especially Sunday and yesterday (Monday). 

On a happier note, I had some great thrifting buys this weekend!  I got a bunch of stuff for $19 at this hospital thrift store (meaning the funds go to the hospital), and then this amazing jacket from a vintage store called Venus on a Half Shell in Frederick MD.  More about this later, I want to share some outfits, and I'll update this post later today.  For now, here are the pics:



Be back later!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Flava Fav

We had to "dress up" for work today, and I couldn't help but throw on my favorite thrifting find and possibly favorite item in my closet, my vintage vest.  I wish you could see the details of the color better than my pictures portray.  But anyway, let's get to it.

This is how I looked while walking from the paring garage to the building:

This is what I looked like during lunch, when I was out and about:

This is what I looked like while at work:

You still can't see the aqua/blue that I wish you could see in the vest:
 vintage vest: "thrifted", ($12)
white f21 button up: thrifted, ($4)
f21 dress pants: thrifted, ($9)
vintage liz claiborne hat: thrifted, ($5)

All my vintage made me feel so classic.  I loved it!

And bonus goodies:
My little man loves watching me take the pictures for some reason.  He then kept grabbing at the hat.  When I put it on him he looked up and said "HI!"

Speaking of little man, I am going to go read to him before bed.  Goodnight!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hola.  Today, I got to leave work while it was still light outside!  It was great.  And, if ya haven't heard, the groundhog didn't see his shadow in all that snow, which means spring is coming! ;)

And thus I dressed lightly, as it was supposed to be at least 49 degrees...BUT, it was windy and therefore, cold.

 As I had been on the hunt for black wedged booties, I decided to go to a nearby mall during a lunch and check out h&m.  They had the ones I wanted, but not in my size (neither did the one closer to my house).  However, I walked into Lord and Taylor and they were having a GREAT sale on some shoes!  I found the wedged booties like I wanted, and then found $25 sperrys.  I've always loved the laid-back-yet-classic look and feel to them.  The Nine West booties and Sperry boat shoes all together were $60! Not bad.

They turned out to be SUPER comfortable.  I have been wearing them since I got off of work. 

 They ended up being $24 bucks!

I did one of those blogger "hey look I'm jumping in the air for no reason" shots.  I thought I looked like a freak so I decided to draw my happy expression for you instead.

taupe jacket: gift
shirt: f21, ($14)
silence and noise harem pants: gabriel bros, ($3- NO LIE!)
steven heels: macys, ($40)
sperry boat shoes: lord and taylor, ($24)

These pants, they do not wrinkle, and lint or cat hair doesn't stick to them.  LOVE!

p.s. I'm eating nutella on wheat bread with warm milk. goodnight

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rainy Night

It was supposed to sleet tonight, a lot, and it's only raining.  But if you know me, you know that I love the rain.  I also cut my bangs tonight.  I had grown them out for sooooo long!  To my chin!  I kept contemplating cutting them, and I think I even did a month and a half ago (or so), but it wasn't very noticeable- prob more annoying than anything.  And alas, it quickly grew out and I took the plunge tonight.  But, I love it!  I guess you will see that tomorrow.

For tonight, I have the days outfit.  I vow to truly be better about just snapping a couple pics, even if they are boring.  I take the time to enjoy my outfits daily, so I might as well share them, right?  But then there's a little part of me that thinks it's kinda silly...when I really think about it. But anyway, I enjoy it for now.

Worthington cardi- thrifted ($4)
f21 tee- ($14)
army green cargo straight legs- f21 ($18)
steve madden boots- old ($40?)
cashmere mini inifinity scarf- gift

I was too effin lazy (TFL- don't forget it), to edit my rudolph-red-nose syndrome.  I guess not everyday my outfits, nor my pictures are gonna be extravagant, but they could be a lot worse I think.  Plus, it will be better/easier once it starts staying light outside later.  I get home when it's dark- I never get home before 6, and rarely before 6:30 at that. 

But back to the above outfit...Those pants are quite stretchy, but they share the problem I often run into with pants.  I sit weirdly all day, many times with my one leg bent under the other- it's so bad for my knees, and it also stretches out the knee area in most the pants I wear.  I think that's what all those wrinkles by the top of the boots are :/ I gotta stop doing that.  But anyway, it's past my bedtime!  I've been doing great at going to bed earlier, and waking up super early!  I am lovin just watching some news in the morning, maybe catching up on some blogs, and then warming up the car while quickly getting dressed.  So, goodnight!

p.s. if you haven't officially followed my blog by hitting "follow" on the right, please do so! I'd really appreciate it :)