Friday, March 12, 2010

Skip Hop Pronto

Could you guess? Another baby item. I got this travel diaper changer thingy while I was pregnant, it was passed down to me, and when I finally used it, I was in love! It folds up and has two compartments on the inside, one netted, one zipper, and then a folded vinyl changing pad! It all folds up with a buckle clip, and has another zipper compartment on the outside. The one I had was all black, and I liked it that way, but on Valentines day, I left it at Olive Garden, or I think it fell out of my purse rather :( I called them and they said they did not find it! I was really upset so I looked online and found more! I could not find a black one to save my life though, all the black ones had a ugly design on the vinyl inside. Finally, I found a cheaper one with a design I loved. They are sold everywhere from Target online, to pottery barn, and of course, amazon, ranging from $20-$30.

Here are some pics, I really enjoy this thing!

It's a little dark, but you can see the wrist strap to the left, and there's a zipper up top by the Skip Hop tag.

The two compartments and the folded changing pad...

And my fav part, the vinyl changing pad!  So cute with the outside!  It was by far the cutest one and it's great because it's gender neutral (in my opinion anyway).

It's great to carry around instead of placing a baby on a dirty ass changing table or wasting paper by using disposable changing pads. Love!

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