Monday, March 30, 2009


Did/does it really exist?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

had to chop it chop it chop it off

Friday, March 13, 2009

Little stress

I am a little stressed about my financial situation and what I am doing might have repercussions and I am really scared. I hate working where I am and all people tell me is, "a job is a job." But truthfully, I would rather sit my ass at home and volunteer and collect the $100 less I would be getting with unemployment rather than working in an office with spazzes. My job duties here are things like copying things, cleaning up peoples offices that I cleaned before I left, just STUPID shit.

I will NEVER do administrative work again unless I absolutely have to. And then people say to that "never say never," but you know, people told me I would never find a part time job that pays enough to go to school full time and I did, people said I would never get hired as a medical assistant with no experience, but I did. Bottom line: I end up really fighting for what I want and thats what I eventually get. So at this point, I WILL find that job that pays me around 40k and it WON'T be just admin bull shit. I need a real role, I need to handle my own work and have specific projects and things to do.

It's so ridiculous to me the way these people act about specific Department of Energy people. The conference we are doing they get all crazy about. Example, we are trying to book the White House tour for Russian officials, and my boss doesn't want to do it because it says its subject to cancellation. Well DUH its the effin White House. I think the Russian officials will understand if there is something going on that the tour has to be canceled. I don't think Department of Energy will say, "damn you Link Technologies, you will never have a contract with us again." Such BS.

Anyway, Spring Break is next week, I get to go to Florida for the first time to visit Tina and her baby for a few days.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Aww So cute!

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Life Lately

-I'm wearing a watch I got from looks way nicer...I never wear watches.

-I made meatballs for the first time yesterday, that jaunt was off the HZOOK!

-At least once a week I have a "Mina-day" where I DON'T feel like speaking to anyone when I get home, it's weird.

-I don't know how I am going to fully pay my bills this month cuz UE check hasn't come.

-I woke up in hives this morning

-I need to cut off my split ends

-I bought a yoga mat and dvd and have been doing it, more about that later.

-My puppy's getting big!

-Love being girly and watching hair and make up tutorials when I'm bored lol

My two weeks of not working were wonderful. I slept too much, ate too much shit, smoked too much, and got things done too. I have two HUGE bags filled with shit for salvation army. I need to go through it and pick out Mustard Seed stuff and put my books on I really need to focus and do this and some studying today when I get off at 3. This weekend I killed myself playing football for over 3 hours. I could not walk the next day. I got a TD though w00t w00t! Yoga. I suck at it. Even downward dog starts hurting my wrists. This is bad. I am getting old! But it's no excuse seeing how old ladies who live in Chevy Chase with gray hair can do it. Back to taking B complex!

Well, hopefully working part time and getting off at a lovely time will give me time to concentrate on school more, being healthier with yoga and my pup AND football starting, and DUH! blogging more :)

One more thing, just saw this yesterday, and loved the messy short hair, might cut mine soon since it wont grow more anyway: