Monday, March 8, 2010

Dining Out for Life

I volunteer with an organization called Food and Friends and this Thursday, the 11th, there are a bunch of restaurants participating in the area for what they call "Dine Out for Life."  Food and friends does this every year, and every year more and more restaurants participate!  On this night, 25-100% of the profit they make goes out to Food and Friends.  By dining out, you will ensure that thousands of children and adults facing cancer and other horrible illnesses will receive daily, nutritious meals.

I have delivered food to these people myself.  They are often very, very sick with diseases such as MS and AIDS, and they look forward to not only these great meals that the volunteers put together, but also just being able to chit chat for a few minutes with someone (the driver), since they rarely get to get out. It's just so amazing to see that spark of happiness in their eyes.  I really, really love this organization and volunteering with them when I can.

So, if you eat out once in a while, get Starbucks every morning, or you just bought designer shoes, or even McDonalds after a night of drinking, there's no excuse; You can (and should) find some loose change and get some people together to go dine out for a great cause!

I haven't decided on a place yet, but you can click here to search for restaurants, or to donate some money money monnneeey (mooonneey) if you can't make it. Please do it, Devin is begging.  How can you say no to this face???

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  1. Mina, I am very proud of you for participating in such a great cause! And also for urging others to do the the same. What a great way to help out people in need!!!