Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nail Painting

I never paint my nails, I always keep them long.  In fact,  I may get them done once a year with my tax money, if anything.  But due to Sweet Glow Beauty and all the cute Mini OPI nailpolishes on there, I decided to stop being a lezbo and start doing my nails.  I fell in love with the charcoal color, and I am quite happy with it!  Here it is:

The color came in a 4 pack mini, that I got from Trade Secret for like $12 bucks I think?  It's called DeLites to Dark and came with a nude pink color (Bubble Bath), a mauve-ish color (Aphrodite's Pink Nightie), a brighter burgundy/purple (Manicurist of Seville), and the charcoal, called "Baby It's 'Coal' Outside!" Love it!  I am def gonna start painting my nails more often :)

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