Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Next Etsy Find (and Purchase)

So, this is a long story that I am not going to get into, but basically, I was once given a ring that I fell in love with but had to give it back (and wanted to) because it was for a good reason.  I loved it though and the other day I decided to look at vintage rings on Etsy.  I found a whole bunch of vintage inspired ones and just cute ones for like $12-$30 that I loved.  BUT-  I am trying to save money to buy a house and am really trying to work on not just buying things because I can.  I have always had rent and lots of bills and rarely had enough money for fun, but now living at Michael's parent house and being debt free, I find myself spoiling myself a little more than I should be.  With that being said, I found a ring that looked really similar to the one I loved and it was cheapish ($18) so I decided to get it.  It looks a little jacked up and I probably should have asked the seller to lower the price for a little, but its a "Vintage Silver Filigree Ring with Marcasite."  Is it really vintage?  Who knows, but it has marcasite, and I never knew that was the name of the style (or cut?) but I have always loved jewelry like that.  Here is a pic of a marcasite ring:
Marcasite is actually pyrite when it is in jewelry because marcasite is too brittle and has a unstable chemical structure.  Did you ever collect gemstones or rocks?  Pyrite was the cool crystal/metal looking one, it used to be my favorite.  Enough with the science lesson here, lets get to the ring I love and can't wait to get in the mail soon!

Yes, it looks a little jacked up, but it's similar to the one I loved and I am very excited!  Lastly, there is a store RIGHT next to my work called "The Antique Station" and I really need to make a trip there soon; when I do, I will blog about it and let you locals know how it is in case that's your thang ;)

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  1. my fav rock was always hematite, and then tiger eye. oh, but goldstone is amazing too!