Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gift Guide #2

One day I decided to check out some Etsy, a homemade-art/clothes/random stuff ebay.  I always knew about it but never had patience to browse, or maybe I just didn't think of it?  The first thing I saw on the website was a search for Etsy user store near you.  I entered my zip and found a bunch around me-  only two caught my eye.

I fell in love with the idea of Polaroid jewelry .  Jerseymaids made all this type of jewelry from these mini Polaroid pictures.  There's also nightlights and pictures.  I thought to myself how perfect some of these would be as gifts for some close friends.  Here are some of my favorites.
These Polaroid rings are strong magnetic rings with adjustable size and five interchangeable Polaroid photos.  It comes in a tin box with tissue paper.  Super cute as a gift!  Only thing is, being the crazy bargain shopper that I am, it being $40 make me hesitate a tiny tiny bit.  I would still probably buy it though, I just haven't yet.

The other thing that broke my heart was this nightlight.  It looks different in the day time when it is not on.  I fell in love and I would want it for my own house that I buy one day, or for someone who recently got a house (you know who you are).  This one isn't bad at all price wise, it's only $18 and they have different ones as well.

And lastly, I checked out her other store, Drawers of the Manor which is more antiques and vintage clothes, and FELL IN LOVE with this "ringbox."

It's apparently small and fits "one or two rings." Even though it's small, I fell in love with it only more and it was only $10! I love vintage things and can never help myself, especially with vintage jewelry!

As I was checking out, it said I get 15% off at the Jerseymaids store!  Guess I'll go get those rings after all ;)


  1. ever check out regretsy.com? reject etsy items. it's amazingly awful.

  2. i love etsy! i'm in the market for a gold vintage bracelet that i can wear with my watch so i have been checking out regularly:) love your blog and your baby is ADORABLE! xoxo

  3. Thanks so much for the write-up! Glad you love our stores :D

  4. I love ESTY. I tried posting this before....dont know what happend. But I just recently purchased some earrings. you would love.