Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Iced Tea Maker

I have a sort of new addiction, but believe me,the popsicle addiction is still on and strong- I just had 2.  I have been fiending for iced tea lately, but the thing is, I'm picky with my iced tea.  I like iced tea from restaurants, but not from the fountains, or store bought ones, or the arizona ones, I don't know why, they just all taste fake to me.

When I visited Tina in Florida, she kept making iced tea and it was always sooo good, but since we drank it all the time, it was always gone.  I remembered when she was my roommate, she would make it by literally boiling the tea bags and then putting it in the fridge, but when she would make it in FL, it never took long, so one day I watched, and I discovered....

Did you know there was such thing as an iced tea maker?? Like a coffee machine, there is an iced tea machine?!  You attach the pitcher to the machine, and you add tea bags somewhere (not sure where) and it brews it hot (I'm pretty sure), but the pitcher has a line indicating where to fill the water and then where to fill with ice!  It was always cold enough after it was brewed for us to enjoy.

So, I am doing a little research, (I always research item reviews before buying) and I am going to get one off amazon or something today.  I will let you know how life changing it is!  Here is a pic of one to give you an idea of what they look like:

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