Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Taking it Back: Celebrity Gossip

Remember when I used to blog about celebrity gossip on myspace?  Well, I always felt kinda dumb for doing it because I didn't really care what the celebrities were up to, so I asked myself why did I like looking at it so much?  The answer was simple, I LOVE seeing what they are wearing and sometimes getting inspiration.

The other reason I loved doing it was cuz I did get LOTS of views on those blogs, and of course that always felt good.  So I'm gonna bring it back and see how I feel...maybe I'll keep it up sometimes :)

Let's start off with this hot mess, a.k.a. Lindsay Lohan.  I mean really? This bitch needs to get it together.
What up gray teeth? Michelle Trachenburg can be cute sometimes, but celebs have access to teeth whitening and she needs to holler at a dentist or one of the kiosks in the mall.
What up buttaface holy boobs, Vida Guerra!  What happened with that ass, girl?  What made you decide to relocate it to your chest? (Vida was famous for her ass).
If you really want to make me vomit, show me a picture of this duechebag.
Mila Kunis, GQ April 2010. HOT.
Audrina.  Really don't like this girl, in most of her pictures her eyes are doing some weirdo things where they are always pointed upwards without her looking up.  Also, her fake tits are stupid.  The only thing nice about this picture is her side-braid, which is very in style for this spring (btw).
I won't be a total lezbo, here is a picture of a hot guy, Gerald Butler.  I often don't find lots of men hot, but when I do, they are usually older.  Kinda weird (and sick?)
Jennifer Love hugetitsHewitt looks really hot here.  I love her hair!  I LOOOOVE big hair!  She also has nice legs (and a very cute dress).
This girl needs to really get it together with her fashion style.  This outfit is a hot mess.  She had gained a lot of weight though and is doing a good job of getting it off, I'll give her that.
Kimmy K(akes) is usually hot and has a pretty good sense of style, though somewhat boring.  These shoes however, I am not digging.  Her big toe is sticking out and it isn't cute.
Here is Luda, revealing his real "bad chick."  She's pretty! And short, cuz I know he is short as hell and she's wearing heels.
J Alba needs to eat a sandwhich.  She looked way better when she had some meat on her bones.  I don't get why she has been doing this to herself as of late.  Is it just me, or do you think she's too skinny?  The outfits kinda cute though, and simple.  I usually really like her style even though SHE really gets on my nerves (from what I gather from her interviews, she seems pretty annoying/dumb).
Last but not least, Stacy Dash is seen here getting someone ready for a gay pride event she was hosting.  She is really hot and I love her!  Her shirt looks super cute on her as well.

That's it for now!  Hope you enjoyed :) Should I keep this up and do it again sometime?


  1. Whats up with Kim K's two purses? They are big enough to fit like 20 normal size purses in each and she needs TWO!? And Audrina is hot only cuz she's the drunk chick you take home after a party and then have your friend come pick her up and take her to the

  2. lol your comments crack me up "What up gray teeth?" "her big toe is sticking out and it isn't cute"