Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm addicted.

I officially have spending problems.  Yea, I never buy anything full priced (except F21 must haves), I will rarely spend more than $10 for a shirt or pair of pants these days, and I mostly buy my jaunts used, but obvi, it all adds up!  I don't even want to add up on my online banking how much money I have spent on clothes in the past month(s), I'm so terrified.  I don't know how it happened?  Is it cuz I'm going through a quarter life crisis?  Is my blog to blame? Maybe it's because I didn't get to wear more than two outfits last year due to the pregnancy?  I don't know the answer, but I do know that I gotta stop....for at least two weeks......

Which as silly as that sounds, will be EXTREMELY hard to do!! Every Tuesday I go to goodwill, and whenever I get bored I go to places like that or even TJ Maxx, or anywhere to "look" aka I'm lying to myself cuz I know I will buy something!  But on the pros side, it's not like I'm not paying my bills, I have been buying things lately to replace like 5-6 year old things, AND I am getting a new job where I will need to wear stuff to (as opposed to working from home).  SO, even though those aren't reasons to be excused from my obsessive behavior as of late, it makes me feel...not so shitty, if you will.

Anyway, I have lots of outfits to post, and the things I promised.  I know I suck, but last week was so busy full of interviews, work stuff, family, etc.  I'll make up for it though :) <3

Update: AND, I forgot to mention, I'm debating the idea (and have been for a while) of opening up an online store of vintage/vintage inspired/cute clothes and accessories (probably on etsy?).  I wanted to do this with furniture as well, but that would be hard to do without a space.  So, some of my pieces I've bought as of late, are too long, or to big, and I have been wanting to get a sewing machine and learn how to alter them and do my own edit, which I am very excited about.  Lots of cute vintage skirts and dresses I've gotten lately, but they need to be shortened cuz they're just at weird lengths.  What do you think of this idea?  I really think I may give it a shot, and I already have a name in mind that I'm debating.  Any suggestions?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Decor: Inside and Out

One thing I was super excited for when buying a house was to decorate for the holidays, inside and out!  Money was tight this month, so I worked with what I had and went to Michaels (only bought items half off) and thrift stores.

Now, I'm no Martha Stewart, but here is the inside:

 This is my randomly placed white table I received as a housewarming gift.  I haven't quite decided if I'm going to put it in the office as a crafting table and bring the computer table down or what.  But for now, I decided it was a perfect table to display holiday items. 

What I worked with and already had:
- scarf as the runner
- books that I took the covers off too (hello Twilight!)
- green vase
- candle
- metal tray
- black spray painted brass candlestick holders (not yet pictured- but I had already planned to do it and I can't wait to share the results!)

What I bought (with approximate prices):
- black plate with rhinestones ($2)
- white pumpkin ($3)
- crow ($2)
- black tealight candle holders ($2 total)
- orange pumpkins- from a small bag of faux squash and pumpkins ($3)

What I had:
- black flower pot used to hold faux pumpkins/squash
- green champagne bottle used as vase

What I bought:
- black candle skull with rhinestone eyes ($3)
- flowers for vase ($3 total)
- ceramic pumpkin (thrifted $2)

Now for the outside, minus my autumn wreath :(

The wood scarecrow and two wooden pumpkins on left- thrfited ($6 total)
metal rust colored pumpkin- thrifted ($2)

I have my autumn wreath I am waiting to hang, but no wreath holder yet, I gotta get on it because it will make it complete!  But otherwise, not too bad, eh? Did you decorate at all??

Monday, October 25, 2010

Killer Heels (plus a secret)

My first pair of killer heels are the open toed clogs.  I at first felt very "meh" towards clogs in general, and kinda "meh" towards platforms as well.  But my "meh"s turned into "eh!"s and I caved.

Don't like my face in above pic.

Not to sure what I was trying to do in this picture, but it's kinda funny...

yellow (whatever-they're-called) shirt: Nordstrom Rack ($8)
white tank: F21 ($8)
jeggings: h&m ($10)
Steve Madden Heels: Macys ($50)

Secret Mina Knowledge- Heels are great to wear shopping when you don't have money- you're feet hurt fast and you'll go home.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Sunday!

I hope you had a great weekend!  Here in Maryland, it was beautiful this weekend, with highs of 75 degrees.  I didn't get to do something outdoors to enjoy it, but it will be nice this week as well.  Maybe somehow I can take advantage.  I think Halloween is going to be nice too (I can't believe it's the end of October already, and I have no idea what I'm going to be-should I go anywhere).  Anyway, I have some outfits of the weekend to share, plus some extra cute Dev pics :)

Saturday (day):

blue shirt: F21, (old, $9)
floral skirt: F21, ($15)
belt: thrifted, ($2)
boots: steve madden, ($40)

The picture isn't the greatest, and doesn't really do the outfit justice.  It looked way cuter in person.  I love this shirt from Forever.  I wear it often, I just love the cut and that the nautical stripes are dark green.

shirt: F21, ($12)
skirt: H&M, ($5)
belt: thrifted, ($2)
sandals: Charlotte Russe, ($20)

Saturday evening, dinner:

cardigan: F21 (very old, $?)
shirt: F21, ($22)
jeggings: H&M, ($10)
booties: "Me Too" from DSW, ($35)

Now for extra Dev pictures.  Yes, he got a haircut.  He was going nuts and the barber gashed him (meaning it got too short, not buzzed his skin), and Michael hated how short it was so much that he just told his barber to stop.  I cut the top a bit more when he got home and we both were so upset at first, but now we like it.  

But what I like even more are his jeans.  They are from Children's Place and they are sooooooo adorable!  I love the cut and the color so much :)  I didn't think dressing a baby boy would be as fun as a baby girl, but I definitely have fun with it, and am now considering taking pictures of Devin's outfits too?  What do you think?

So what do you think?  Maybe some inspiration baby boy outfits?  It sounds kind of weird, but I'm sure someone out there wouldn't mind ideas.  I really don't like too much of the cheesy saying when they get older, so when I discovered plain t-shirts, regular sweatpants, and hoodies, I just thought they were the cutest things for babies.  Flannels, straight legged jeans, argyle sweaters, oh and the best, a baby boy pea coat!  omg I can't wait to share.

Have a great Monday guys!  Oh, and speaking of guys, don't forget I will have some guy outfits this week, as well as other advice questions I've gotten.  Also, I have a couple interesting, non fashion related ish to share, thanks to spending time with my bro this weekend :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

You Ain't Got No Alibi

I've got stuck in my head for some reason.  The U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi...I won't continue the rest.  Anyway, I was hesitant about this burnt orange cardigan but suprisingly enough, the color looked good and people actually complimented that it was my color.  It always feels good when I get any type of compliment.  I also like to compliment on people, even strangers.  I once read in a book (one of those live-life-this-way small book for a coffee table) a quote that said, "Say 1 nice thing to 5 people everyday", and I always got a feeling of happiness when I read that. 

Anyway, here is an outfit I wore to work yesterday; one of those outfits that make you feel all cute and proud of yourself.:

Do you see the bracelet detail? (note: click on the pic for bigger size) I just love the colors

 None of these pictures capture the prettiest of the cardigans color.  But I wanted you to see the pants colors and shoe detail.  I just thought the shoes brought it together perfectly- with gold, coral and turquoise accessories.  p.s.  coral/burnt orange and a turquoise piece of jewelry = bangin combo

I randomly went out last night and had to change real fast, but I knew I wanted to wear the cardigan still with brown boots.  Also I never go out!  But it was fun to do a spur of the moment thing with a good friend.

Actually, I'm not gonna lie- this picture kinda sucks.  It doesn't do the outfit justice and I just look like a twig, which I don't appreciate.  Never thought I'd do a short shirt, but I actually got it to wear with trousers or harem pants.

Earrings: Forever 21 ($4)
Cardigan: thrifted ($2)
Tank: F21 ($8)
Belly Knit Tee: thrifted ($2)
Leopard Belt: F21 ($5)
J Brand Jeans: Gabriel Brothers ($20)
Gray Flats: Old Navy ($20)
Brown Boots: Steve Madden ($40)

Alright folks, tomorrow is Friday!  Hopefully I'll post tomorrow or Saturday.  Anybody have any ideas of something they'd like to see? I haven't forgotten about how leggings can be worn, or the cuteie who asked me to help them find cheaper cat glasses, last the guy fav outfit I can't wait to blow about.  Those posts will be all next week, so anybody have two more ideas for one a day?  Any ideas of anything specific or advice? Don't be shy!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October, October.

I love October, I really do.  I bet ya can guess why that is though, since I've only mentioned it a million times (read: fall)...

Last October, Dev was in my belly and even though his due date was around Thanksgiving, I just knew he was coming in early-mid November.  I was wrong, as he came December 3rd.  But the one thing I was right about, was how much I would enjoy dressing the fall season of 2010.  That was the one thing I truly missed when I was pregnant.  Not because I was shallow or mad about wearing the same couple of outfits, or the fact that I had to wear sweatpants for what seemed like eternity- but just the fact I would see so many cute outfits, so many styles I wanted to be a part of, and for months upon months I couldn't really bring too much of a cuteness to my style.  I guess my style is the one thing I have been proud of, the one thing I actually think I am good at, and I couldn't have that at this time last year.

Of course, I don't regret it, and I am not trying to sound like I am bitching about pregnancy, because I'm not.  I also thought about how much I couldn't wait to spend time with Dev in every little situation imaginable.  This past weekend, I got to experience one of the things I couldn't imagine or wait for.

Last year, at 36 weeks preggo:

My "wonderings" from last year became reality:

And some pictures for fun:

It sounds cliche, but having Devin has not only made me grow more as a person intellectually, but I've grown in ways that I didn't expect.  For example, I have blogged for years back in the myspace days, but I never expected that I would have a blog that I am this passionate about.  I always knew I loved clothes and fashion, but I never expected to take pictures of my outfits and enjoy sharing them with people. 

There are a million other things I have learned about myself over these past 10.5 months of Devin's life.  And don't worry, I won't bore you with it. But one thing I know for sure, is that we think we know so much every year growing up, but the next year we find that we just learned so much more.  So no matter what you know or learn, just don't forget to be thankful and don't forget to strive for more.

"If you're not growing; you're dying."

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blue (and Bonus)

I couldn't think of a better title.  But as I kept starting at the word "blue," I started questioning the spelling because it started to look so weird.  Do you know what I'm talking about?  Like when you say a word over and over and start wondering if you are pronouncing it right because it starts to sound so unfamiliar?

Anyway, I finally got to wear my vintage oxfords I found at a thrift store, and these dress pants I got from Salvation Army.  The pants are super comfortable, and I especially loved the pinkish hue when I bought them.  So I was playing around with what to wear with it, and decided to throw on my beautiful blue dress and wear it as a shirt.  But because of the pinkish hue, I wasn't sure it would work.  And low and behold, I loved it.  It was one of those outfits that you put together and just feel so proud of yourself...or is that just me (again)?

I was also wearing navy blue heels at first, but just wasn't happy with the way that the pants were laying on the heels, and the way the peep toe was present while I walked.  So I tried on the oxfords, and didn't have faith it would look cute, but I immediately loved it!

Dress as shirt: F21 ($22)
Pants: thrifted ($5)
Vintage Oxford Shoes- Zodiac USA, thrifted ($4)

I love the colors of the dress, how the beautiful blue of it goes so well with the yellowish and black design.  This dress is perfect to wear brown or black, and would be fun with tan or black tights.  I actually wore it Sunday with a gold sequined belt, and Steve Madden open toed clogs.  p.s. this means I gave into the whole clog thing, but these aren't too bad, right?

And now for the bonus! 

It got really cold last night and I had to run to my car.  I had been wearing these khaki shorts, with my Target wannabe Toms, and a plain blue tee.  So I opened up my coat closet and rediscovered my red pea coat I got for like, $18 bucks on clearance.  I didn't get to enjoy the coat last fall/winter with my big preggo belly.  I got excited and put it on and absolutely loved the outfit!  Excuse my homely look, but who knew a peacoat could be so cute with shorts?  I think it's the striped blue shoes that really make this outfit...and the messy hair/glasses combo. 

What do you think? Stupid or cute?  Either way, I loved!  Happy hump day folks, Friday is almost here.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Good Hair Day

I had an ok weekend, until Sunday when I woke to my dad telling me news that my step moms mother had died.  She had recently been visiting for 6 months and was perfectly healthy.  I loved watching her play with Devin, she was just so sweet.  There's a lot more sadness and good memories, but I don't feel like sharing on the blog.  So instead, I wanted to share an outfit picture- one way to wear leggings:

This shirt is my absolute favorite shirt.  I splurged and got it from F21 this past weekend, because it goes with just about everything!  A gray skirt, leggings, many different color jeans, it could go with khakis, a variety of skirts in different colors and shapes, and you can mix it with golds or silvers.

You can better see the pattern by clicking on the picture, but also there is a pocket that you can't quite see in this picture.  The back of the shirt has a zipper that goes 1/3 down the shirt, and it's just so freaking comfortable and soft!

As for mentioning my good hair day, when I got out the shower my hair was super wavy, which is rare.  It was even nicer than when I tried out a wave perm.  So I decided to put product in it, and use the diffuser on the hair dryer, and the waves were just perfect....of course they turned to bigger waves, and ended up looking nothing like what it first was.  But, if you know me, you know I love big hair, and it still looked big without being too flat on top (which is usually my hair's biggest problem).

This pose is due to my step dad telling me over and over to kick my leg back, I didn't know what he meant so first I was playing around, but I guess it looks kinda cute.  Also, I wore these heels for an hour while running around, and I was not in pain!  They are super comfortable and cute.

blouse: F21 ($19.40)
leggings: F21 a while ago ($7)
shoes: Steven ($32) from Nordstrom Rack (originally $179 at some point, crazy!)
bracelets: some old F21, some thrifted

I already went through all the possibilities of what you can wear with this outfit, so I guess I don't need to go too much into how else you can wear a similar shirt.  But basically to dress it down you can wear:
- some ankle boots similar to riding boot style  
- or if you feel like being bold, you could do chucks and a blazer (I would definitely recommend the blazer so you don't look too "punk rock")
- and of course, can you guess I was going to say oxfords?  Check out the ones I posted a while back from Target for $15, in the Fall into Style Part 2 post.

Are you sure you can mix the colors in the shirt with browns and golds as opposed to black and silvers?
Positive.  The warm tones of the pinks and the neutral grays are easy to pair with browns and golds.  You could wear it with light jeans or jeggings, and wear tall brown slouch boots or dark brown riding boots with gold accessories.  Now if you wanted to wear the black leggings, you could still incorporate brown shoes whether they are old school oxfords, to tall riding boots.  To make it come together even better, I would throw on a brown bomber jacket, or a jacket like this:
Or this blue one (if you're wearing jeans and a blue jacket of this color, then def only wear light jeans):

Or you could do a faux fur vest:

Moral of story:
Don't be scared to mix browns and blacks, or grays and browns. Just because you are wearing black, doesn't mean you can't incorporate your favorite brown shoes or gold bracelet.  Have fun with it!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Goodnight Moon

Here are some pictures I had been meaning to post.  They are from a couple weeks ago and the sky was just different EVERYWHERE you looked!  Behind me was soooo dark and stormy (minus the storm?), and in front of me was so beautiful and different...the pics don't do that early evening's sky enough justice:

 And here was the dark sky behind me:

p.s. speaking of Sky- I went on my porch and the stars were wonderful!  I had a realization that I always have loved a sky full of stars, but I get that little extra flicker of happiness when I see the cut little cluster known as the little dipper.   <3

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shorts + Boots

I've always loved the shorts + boots look, as long as it's done right.  It could be tricky...I don't think I would wear heeled boots with shorts, except for booties (duh).  I find that I often like the look better when it is more of a casual look.  See below outfit from Sunday, and excuse the background.  Oh, and I actually added the socks and belt, but now looking at the pictures, I like the look better without the socks and belt:

See the details of the shirt, love the pattern.

And the dorky glasses for good measure:

silk shirt: thrifted ($4)
gray cardigan: F21 ($16)
green shorts: H&M ($6- sale)
steve madden boots: ($40- gift card + coupon, originally $80)
socks: Ross ($2)
belt: thrifted ($2)

But isn't wearing shorts and boots almost the same as a skirt and boots?
I guess it depends on how you put it together, but I just don't think tall heeled boots with shorts are very cute -again, unless its booties or a little higher than ankle boots.  But, maybe I am wrong and someone out there can pull it off nicely.  I guess dress shorts with tights and heeled boots might work depending on how you really pull it off, and they aren't tall boots.  But I think this is cuter:

 Imagine those are khaki trouser shorts like these:

 With riding boots like these $35 distressed F21 boots:

Or these zigi soho Meena boots for $50 at dsw:

Jean shorts are the easiest boot + short look to pull off, and can be done in many ways.  My Edit (my favorite fashion blog) cutie wore an oversized sweater:

In fact, if you google "shorts and boots," you will find mostly jean shorts paired with the slouch styled boot from above.  You can find these boots anywhere these days, and cheap.  Definitely check out places like TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls and Target before spending $$ on boots.  True story: went to DSW and then Ross, the same boots that were $50 at DSW were $20 at Ross.  So glad I decided to check it out.  I got the perfect booties and the riding boots below.  Oh!  And high socks and a pack of tights for cheap.  They had a lot of Betsey Johnson socks and tights too.  See my $32 Kensiegirl riding boots with red zipper (originally $99- as most riding boots are around this price) for $32 from Ross:

Anyway, for more inspiration on boots and shorts, do a google image search, or lookbook search.  Give it a shot before it gets too cold!  And promise me you won't do this:

(sorry brit brit) image found on google.