Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy (Easter) Sunday: A Picture Post

I have already cluttered up the walls of my fellow facebook friends with my weekend pictures of Devin, but we had two events this weekend, Devin turning 4 months, and his first Easter (which is special to Michael- I just liked his outfit).

For his 4 months, Michael had to help his parents with something so I decided to hike up Sugarloaf Mountain with Devster in the baby bjorn. My calves are sooooo sore now!! But alas we did it. Here are a couple 4 month pictures (p.s. notice haircut? I did it myself ;p) :

Here we are at the top of the mountain! I was sweaty and out of breathe, but I actually look larger in this picture than I am (I finally fit some old jeans, w00t w00t!)

And today, Easter Sunday, Dev and Michael went to church.  I did not attend, and therefore still am a Devil Bitch.  However, I enjoyed picking a cute outfit for Dev and I also bought a shirt for Michael as well.  Here are some pictures from today, some of them are blurry though :/ 

And last, but not least as it is my favorite:

La Familia


  1. awww so presh! love the stripped terry outfit I saw in person (sans Dev).


  2. WOW! is that your MAN WOW that dude is sexy!