Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Style Notebook

Hey homies.  Tonight, I had fun trying on outfits and writing down my outfit ideas.  That's what I had done the night before my last outfit post.  I woke up, and took no time to get ready cuz I had the outfit planned, it felt great! I try to make that the case usually, but it doesn't always happen.  If I leave myself a couple of options, I sit there and stare and don't know what to do, and I always end up almost being late. If I have no idea at all, then pssshhhhhh my ass will stare at my clothes forever and weigh all these options like, 'well, what if I want to wear that shirt tomorrow?' or 'I want to wear this, but I won't be that comfortable....but, tomorrow is Friday and I can dress comfortable should I just wear it?' Or, 'but if I wear this then I should prob wear my hair up and I wanted to wear it down tomorrow cuz I'm wearing it up the next day.' (that depends on when I washed my hair, and what type of hair day I'm having). Yeah, I know. I'm crazy. I ponder all these things and take forever.

So the main point was, that tonight I wrote down outfit ideas in a flimsy paper notebook.  But, every time I go to Marshalls or Borders, or TJ Maxx, I have my eyes on the notebooks and want one, but I didn't exactly know what I wanted one for.  Now, I do and I can't wait to get one.  My problem will be deciding between the ones I see, I promise.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tough n Sweet

Today, I was super comfortable.  These pants kill me with their comfyness.  I immediately knew I wanted to wear them with my short, rugged looking boots- and in order to make my outfit more feminine, I decided to top it off with a soft, pale pink cardigan, big gold earrings, and lipstick.  It came together quite well, don't you think?

 I swear I wasn't trying to be cute, I was actually making faces and fake laughing with Devin.  He started it!

 See my ASOS watch I put in my holiday gift guide below.  p.s. You have to slip it over your hand, it doesn't have a clasp.  It's weird, but I still like it.

pink new york and company cardi: gab. bros ($6)
white tee: f21 ($5)
black harem pants: f21 ($14)
zigi soho meena boots: dsw ($26)
gold earrings: f21, gift
asos watch: gift ($40)
blue/gray infinity scarf: f21, gift

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Warm and Cozy

I am fortunate enough that I got gifts for Christmas, and I love everyone of them.  But one of my favorites, I got for myself.  I discovered this Anthropologie sweater on Christmas Eve, when it was gifted to Michael's sister.  I loved it soooo much, I knew I was going to go get it the next day the store was open!  This is another one of those purchases that is rare for me....aka very expensive (and ya'll know by now my cheap ass NEVER spends a lot on any one item).  So anyway, here I am debuting my comfy, warm and cozy sweater. 

Here is what I wore to the store (I just threw on this outfit and quite liked it!):

pale pink New York & company cardi: Gabriel Bros ($6) originally $50
one of those thick scarves (similar to infinity scarves but not): Gab Bros. ($2)
light gray/cream shirt: f21 ($14)
j brand jeans: Gab Bros. ($20)
Aerie boots: thrifted, ($16)

Anthropologie cardi sweater: ($80)
light gray/cream shirt: f21 ($14)
j brand jeans: Gab Bros. ($20)
Aerie boots: thrifted, ($16)

Yup, the sweater was quite a splurge.  But I got a few other great items for great prices.  I got a glass ring holder for $10, an oven mitt and matching pot holder for $7 each, and a cute lion salt and pepper shaker set for $8.  I never knew that some of their items could actually be affordable!  Yup, that's my confession...I had yet to ever go into an Anthropologie store, can you believe it?! I've been drooling over their stuff from the catalog for YEARS!

Some of my other Christmas gifts were,

- Zara silk perfume (yum!)
- Nikon camera remote (did ya notice?  No more bothering Michael for pictures! ;p)
- Minnetonka moccassins I've been wanting forever
- two circle scarves (yay!)

What are some of your favorite items?  Remember to be thankful that you even had a holiday in a warm home. Tata!

Feliz Navidad Part 2

I hope everyone had a great holiday!  I just wanted to share some pics from our holiday, starting from Christmas Eve.

Lil man Dev's outfit:

lookin' fly, as always.

My outfit (saved this romper for this event):
 My whole family, with step parents as well.  It was so nice having everyone together <3

And Christmas Day part one (with my dad and step mom).  Devin was more interested in eating pieces of wrapping paper than finding the present inside.

And our Christmas dinner provided by my lovely step dad.  Devin and his christmas bib,  this pic kills me.

As does this one:

Merry Christmas!  What did you get?  What was your favorite present?  Are you sad it's over?  It goes by so fast, and then, it's eventually the following July where I start craving bits of winter and the holidays. 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Feliz Navidad

Hola y Feliz Navidid to my latino friends! I wanted to share my festive outfit I wore to work yesterday.   I got this blazer partially as a joke, since it's a very weird material....almost like a raincoat.  But I thought it was super cute and it fit perfectly! 

blazer: thrifted, $2
white & gray shirt: f21/old navy ($6, $4)
black leggings: f21 ($8)
white socks: nordstrom rack, ($2)
steve madden boots: ($60)

So that's it.  What a super comfy outfit. Do you have last minute shopping to do today?  I do, and I have never been on xmas eve, so I am a bit nervous about the lines and psycho people I will be dealing with.  So wish me luck!  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve followed by an amazing Christmas.  To all the locals, make sure you wear your pajamas inside out and backwards tomorrow night so we can get some good snow Sunday-Monday with no work! :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gift Guide #2- Gift Ideas under $20

The older you get, the more people you gotta gifts for. I've learned it's normal protocol to get the neighbor, your babysitter, your boss, the administrative assistant, your dance teacher etc. a gift for the holiday. So I've put together some last minute gift ideas for all of the above and/or friends, lovers, co-workers, and/or stocking stuffers:

- Kevin Hart, Seriously Funny DVD (wal-mart $13)

- Happy Birthday nail polish by Deborah Hopmann (haven't seen it in stores, so google it- but one idea is to print out a picture and put it in a cute box to let them know it's on it's way!)

- Ear Muffs

- Caldrea soap set from Target OR lotions/body washes from Marshalls/TJ Maxx (my favorite scent is the blue one called Herbs of Provence, found at Target.)

- Eye makeup remover + Queen Helene Apricot Scrub (I reviewed here)

- Yankee Candle Balsam & Cedar candle + those long lighters for grills OR candle warmer (this is my favorite holiday scent- it smells like Christmas trees)

- 3 Magazines + popcorn bag & candy bar + slippers for a night-at-home in-a-bag idea

- Petsmart gift card + lint roller pack for the animal lover (they'll be thankful the next bag of cat or dog food will be free)

- Cake or cupcake pan + baking cookbook or cupcake cookbook for the baker

- Herb and vegetable seeds + planters + cute salt & pepper shakers for the cook

- Working record player from Freecycle + records from the thrift store for the music lover

- Coffee table book + coasters for the neighbor (Check out Postsecret book if you don't know about it)

- Travel journal + eye-patch + headphones for the travel OR a couple magazines for the traveler (or workaholic)

- slippers + therapeutic neck wrap + aromatherapy bath crystals for the babysitter (find all these items for cheap at stores like TJ Maxx/Ross/Marshalls)

- Notepad and pen set + cute fabric box for desktop organization for the student

- Bake cookies, banana bread, or festive cupcakes

- Make chocolate dipped pretzels with holiday sprinkles

Banana Pudding

I'm eating this amazing banana pudding as I type.  Have you had banana pudding?  It's bomb.  My boss made it for a holiday potluck.  I really love this time of year. I actually crave it at some point in every summer.  I don't like my wallet being empty and my credit cards being full, nor the long lines, the crowded stores and psycho people, but I do like the holiday spirit, candy canes, holiday lights on peoples homes, holiday lights in general, hot chocolate, and snow!

Tonight, there is a lunar eclipse tonight in a couple hours and I am excited.  I can see the moon from my bedroom window quite perfectly, I'm very excited!  So I wanted to quickly post a couple outfit pictures before I try to get some shut eye before said lunar eclipse.

#1- Dream Coat:
I had been looking for an affordable long, white, wool trench for a couple years.  I didn't stop until I found the perfect one, and this was it:

I look like a midget with no neck in this pic, but I wanted you to see the colors of the shirt.  I wish you could see it better, but it's so pretty!

I looooove love love these shoes I got over the weekend.  They are Nine West vintage collection, and I couldn't stop myself from getting them.  They will be fun to pair with, and you will probably see a lot of them.

Whole outfit from Gabriel Brothers (I posted about here)
Express Coat: $15
Liz Claiborne shirt: $15
J Brand Jeans: $20
Nine west shoes: $35

Later that day I changed (terrified to get the white coat dirty), and good thing I did, as I spilled the coffee I'm holding in my hand all over myself 15 minutes later.
This coat was new too.  Well, new to me, but thrifted for $40.  It's warm, long, and has a large fold down collar, which I love!

#2: Comfy clothes for a quick holiday shopping run:
These leggings are thick, warm, and super soft.  They have cute buttons on the bottom that make them look not as pajama-y, but I will probably mostly wear boots with them, so I guess they will always look like jammies.  Maybe when it warms up I will get creative.  I got a paid of brown ones too, I couldn't resist!

cardi: thrifted ($14)
black shirt: hand me down
poof sweater leggings: gabriel brothers ($7)
uggs: nordstrom anniversary sale ($80)

Hope you enjoyed and/or got some ideas.  Goodnight!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What Christmas Lights Do To Me

I for reals love Christmas lights.  They immediately change my mood as soon as the lights go out and they are turned on.  I've had this feeling towards xmas lights since forever.  I put them in my room around the ceilings in high school, and it honestly made a huge difference on my mood as soon as the lights went out.  I dunno if some may think that's weird, but for whatever reason, they make me happy and I wish I could have them on year round.  Maybe I'll think of some way of making it chic and possible?  Anyway, we just put the tree up tonight (finally):

how amazing is this pic? I am so proud of myself.

And now for the outfit of the day:

I promise this outfit looks less boring in person.

I got several compliments on my boots, one from a male stranger (and no, he did not seem gay AT ALL).  With that being said, they kill my feet.

sweater: f21, old ($12)
black miss sixty harem pants: thrifted, ($16)
black "rouge" boots: thrifted, ($8)

 And now for my outerwear:

Either people commented on how much they loved the hat, or they looked at me like I was crazy.  This Hispanic guy was asking his friend if I had some type of animal on my head. LOL 

 hat: H&M, ($13)
Sophia Eugene coat (lined in silk): thrifted, ($5- in PERFECT condition might I add!)

Tomorrow, it's supposed to snow about an inch.  I LOVE snow and can't wait for a real snow storm.  There are so many snow haters here, but I love it!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Windy Days

It has been like, 5 degrees with 30 mph wind gusts.  It's the kind of wind that burns.  And the timing couldn't be worse because I have some skirts and a dress I've been itching to wear.  But I can't bring myself in this coldness.  It will get better.  The wind is what makes it so much worse, so a skirt def wouldn't do.  But anyway, courd's keep you warm, and so does my long cardigan/sweater:

red long sweater: thrifted, banana republic ($4)
white tank: old ($6)
scarf: f21 ($8)
corduroy's: paige, thrifted ($16)
Steve Madden booties: ross, ($20)

So thats the outfit that kept me nice and warm.  I wish you could see the details of the pants better.  I don't like plain old flare, or boot leg I guess- but this is more of a flare, which I think is cute if it's dramatic enough.  I guess I'm just over boot legs for the most part.  But anyway, if you live in the area, stay warm!