Monday, January 31, 2011

From What I Can Remember

Ok, so it's no secret that I suck big time!  But last week was HORRIBLE!  If you are in the area, you already know what type of day/evening was for anyone in the DC area.  There was a sudden snow storm and everyone that needed to travel from work to home, was stuck in their car, or bus, or wherever, for a minimum for 4 hours.  It was 5 and a half for myself, and that's ONLY because I read a map and found a different way home after my only two main roads to my house were stopped for hours.  I was only 5 minutes away, but I knew if I tried those ways, I would have been there for probably two hours, no exaggeration! Everyone was mind f'ed, if you know what I mean.  It was a very crazy experience. Hell, I could have been to NY and halfway back!  Crazy.

Anyway, as soon as I got a chance (today), I threw on outfits I could remember from last week as well as today's.  I hope it makes up for the lack of posts recently!

scarf: f21 ($8)
yellow cardi: nordstrom rack, ($12)
New York & Company green cardi: gabriel brothers ($6)
leopard print belt: f21(old, $5)
J Brand jeans: Gabriel Bros. ($20)
Nine West Vintage Collection: Gab. Bros. ($30)
black watch: asos ($40)
p.s.  Whenever I wear those shoes, I get a TON of compliments, everytime! 

black cardi: gifted
striped tee: thrifted, ($3)
tweed skirt: old navy ($2)
red tights: Macys ($5)
Me Too booties: DSW ($30)


silence and noise shirt: Gab Bros (originally urban outfitters or Anthropologie) ($3)
Madewell cords: thrifted, ($14)
black nine west boots: nine west outlet, ($30)

(and this ugly last one most acccurately shows the colors)
blue Talbots blazer: thrifted, ($5)
white tee: old navy ($8)
j crew ultra lounge pants: j crew ($49)- my biggest clothing splurge!
guess shoes: "thrifted", ($20)

And last but not least........... 

I just LOVE this face!!!!! I know you do too.

Oh, and, I am going to New York Fashion week for IFBs conference!  I am soooo excited, but more on that next time:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Have I told You Lately

that I j crew pants that I splurged on!  These are the sweatpants that can be worn with heels...I have worn them with those as well as over-the-knee boots, and even uggs.  I love them!

I actually got them after waiting several weeks and they were a tad too big.  I had to wait until after Christmas and call the store's helpline twice, for them to look in every warehouse and store for the smaller size!  I finally received them and they are nice and thick, comfy and warm.  Although, again it brings me back to the is "you get what you pay for" always true....maybe I have been unlucky so far, but there are loose threads sticking out of the hem.  It isn't falling apart or anything, but they aren't perfect, I'm almost scared to wash them. 

Anyway, I got home after a grueling, traffic filled, hour and a half commute (when it's 25 minutes at the MOST, without traffic) at 7:30, and I just can't look at anymore lights or computers.  So I'm gonna have to do some outfits tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are a couple birthday pictures featuring my lil man:

 See my lipstick and nailpolish above? I am pretty pleased with both and will be reviewing them soon.

Well, that's it folks!  I'm watching my man Obama.  Are you watching history?

My Apologies!

Guys, I'm sorry I have been slacking.  While I wear outfits that I would like to share almost daily, I have been lazy and kinda busy.  It takes time to set up the tripod, take pics, go back to the tripod to see if you approve and the lighting/setting is right, etc., upload the pics, resize and edit each pic, and then upload and think of something interesting to say.  I'm not complaining- just reminding you of why I suck at doing it as much as I'd like.  Give props to your favorite bloggers!

Anyway, also, Thursday was my 25th birthday! Wow, 30 is 5 years away.  I remember when I was 10, my mom was turning 30 and saying over and over she couldn't believe it and she was so old! Lol, love you Mom!  I would tell her she wasn't, and I certainly didn't think 30 was that old.  I still wouldn't...if I didn't wake up every morning stiff.  I'm not getting a taste of what it's like to become "old."  30 is the new 40 anyway, let's be honest here.  It's all about taking care of yourself, your skin, your body AND mind.  (which means I gotta get my shit together with this yoga I have been promising myself, among other things).

Anyway, it's 7 a.m. and I am bout to leave for work here in a minute, but I wanted to quickly show you a picture of the perfect way to wear a long maxi dress, with the perfect shoes.  Remember I said I don't quite like heels with long dresses (which I believe you will see a lot of this spring/summer of 2011), here is a perfect way:

Thanks to A Cup of Jo.  Anyway, I will hopefully get on here later tonight to share some birthday pics at the very least.  Have a good Tuesday!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Outfit Spicing

Happy Wednesday!  Today, (and hopefully every Wednesday coming up), I am going to answer a reader's question in regards to an outfit, fashion in general, how to's, what accessories to pair with what, etc.  Please feel free to email me (email to the right) with any questions!

And now I introduce the beautiful woman behind this idea, Angela.

Angela wrote me last week stating that she thought of me when she put on this outfit because she thought it was just so simple and boring, and she wished I was there to help.  As  I mentioned yesterday, Angela is a new mom.  When you're a new mom, you're in this weird spot with clothing.  You are losing your weight, but not quite back to what you were.  You definitely miss getting dressed up, since you have been wearing the same 5 pieces of maternity clothes for 9 months, but you still feel like nothing fits- and to be honest, getting dressed can be very frustrating!  But you gotta remember, behind every cute outfit, there is a simple outfit that had some potential.  Every simple outfit can be done up in so many different ways!   Because these look like they are boot cut pants, I would wear tall boots or either pointy flats or round flats, but not in between.  In order to spice up this outfit, I would have added brown boots, a maroon or yellow scarf, and either a vest or cardigan with a blazer on top.

Are you thinking, 'hold up?! did she say brown boots with those black pants?'  And the answer is yes, I did, but black boots work too.  See how Jentine from My Edit pulled it off:

Note: you don't always have to be matchy matchy with colors!
Also note: Play around with your blazers and cardigan, layer up the colors you woudln't have thought of before, add a scarf or belt.  See what  you can pull!
Tip: Write down in a notebook cute outfits that you have put together for future inspiration and ideas of how to mix it up!

Here are some more ideas:

Mix match all those outfits, compare them with what you have.  See that black and brown make a great couple (especially with gray)!  Think about your belts, scarves, hats (beanies), and coats.  I feel like I haven't been much of a help, but I hope I have!  Feel free to give me feedback, and pleeasse, please, feel free to ask me your own questions and send your own pics!  Goodnight ya'll!  And thanks again Angela :)

Title Coming Soon

It's late!  I just watched The Black Swan, I wasn't pressed.  But I can respect the film for many reasons too.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to be having my first, official question and answer series with my readers/friends/strangers etc.!  I don't know what to call this little Q&A session, so any title suggestions are welcomed! (for example, Jentine, from My Edit has a "Thrift Thursdays" where she will go over thrifting tips).  Ever since I started doing more fashion on my blog, more people have started to approach me and say things such as how they were going to approach me to ask me _____.   I really love it and get so excited, even when a guy asks me to help them shop! I love the feeling of someone taking the time to approach me and ask me something (therefore trusting my word/opinion) on fashion.  I love it.  Anyway, tomorrows q&a, I will be telling my beautiful, 'new mama' friend Angela on how to spruce up a simple outfit. Maybe I will have an outfit post too.  Regardless, I hope to see you tomorrow!

Mina and Devin

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Update on Sale

Not happening this Saturday, but I will keep you posted as soon as I know something!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

For the Locals!

How could I forget to mention??! For all my local peeps, I would like to announce the BIG possibility of my doing my first SpotOn Vintage in person sale!  I have lots and lots of awesome vintage pieces that I've been collecting, as well as some more modern used clothes that I will be selling.  Listen, I promise there will be something for everybody (mostly female), yes, that means you.  I also promise I will give you ideas on what/how to wear the item you really love!  Lastly, blazers galore!!  Pleaassseeee please come and support me :)

The details aren't promised but I can give you some of the scoop:

Where: Montgomery County Fairgrounds Indoor Flea Market
When: Either this Saturday, January 15 (5 days before my 25th birthday) or possibly Jan 30 elsewhere, and if not either of these, then most definitely in the middle of February at the fairgrounds.
Hours: 9am - 1 pm

If anything, just come stop by and say hi, do it as a birthday gift for me!  Special guest celebrity, Devin!  No, but seriously, I'd really appreciate any and all support, even if you stop by and say hello, it would mean the world to me.  I'll keep you posted!

keywords: outerwear, flannel, colorful, paisley, blazers, shoes, accessories, bags, shirts galore, skirts, trousers

Here is just a sample of some of the prints/colors that await you:

Hope to see you there!

Long Day Play

I have several outfits from last week I wanted to share, as well as today's... and my mr.mans who, once again, is taking lessons from his mama on style.  See below (but keep in mind that I save best for last).

I apologize that you can't accurately see the color of my boots.  They are maroon, and they're timbs!  They look more combat bootish, but are all man made materials.  The leather is super soft, the rubber looks like it was a million bucks.  I don't know if it's supposed to be an eco friendly thing or what, but there was something special about them.  Many thought they were ugly, but I got a lot of compliments on them today.  I love them!  They were $30 from Gabriel Brothers.

Favorite Thrift Find:

I'm not sure you can accurately see the shimmers of gray and barely-there-electric-blue  in this vintage Ann Taylor vest, but it might just be one of my favorite thrifting finds.  It was $7.50 (on sale at a pricier second hand clothing store, cuz no one else seemed to want it).  Also, these are my fancy $50 j. crew lounge sweatpants that I ordered.  I loooove them!  They are super warm.  I must say though, I'm already getting loose threads and those little lint balls in between my thighs- and that was after wearing them on the first day.  Do you really get what you pay for??  Not completely convinced yet.

Oh, you fancy huh?

I love wide leg jeans.  I wore this after I wore a very casual outfit the previous day.  Once I realized I don't take as much advantage of the ability to wear jeans to work, I decided to make an outfit with a mix of casual, cute, and work dressy.  I guess it's mostly in the shirt.  Anything with ruffles like that reminds me of "work clothes."  Oh, and I used to be really weird about mixing blues with jeans, but I'm starting to really enjoy it and accept it. 

 No Namer

 A little bit about this outfit...I had been wanting to wear it for a while, but it's been way cold.  Finally I sucked it up and wore this extra long J. Crew tunic that I got thrifted.  I actually wore it with a charcoal gray legging, but everything else was the same.  Except, in this picture the tunic looks a little hoochie and short, I promise it isn't.  And I guess the pictures don't do it much justice, but I felt cute in a preppy way.

Best Below

 Here is my main man.  Yes, that is a tear under his eye.  He was not thrilled to take photos but quickly got over it when I handed him his book.  He loves flipping through books!  And now, he babbles like he's reading, it's so cute!  I just wanted to share this cute little vintage child scarf I found and had to get.  It has little pockets on the bottoms with buttons, so you can button each end together.  I can't get over how cute it is!  I want to find moreeeee.  Geez I love vintage stuff....and my little man who makes these clothes look so cute.

p.s.  I woke up super early.  Going to bed early was well worth it.  I would like to do the same tonight, but I'm watching "The Social Network."  I really like it so far!  Sorry if my post is scatter brained!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Last Call

I'm retiring early tonight.  I'm not tired, but this is always my problem and I therefore go to bed around 1 a.m. and wake up later than I'd like.  This week, I am going to work early because I need to work an extra hour a day so I can have a half day Friday.  This morning, I tried to wake up an hour early but failed miserably and ended up having to leave work super late.  So here is my attempt to an early night!  Hopefully I'll feel refreshed tomorrow, and hopefully we'll have a real snow storm tomorrow.  We were originally supposed to, but now it's changed to a slight possibility unless the storm "deviates."  I am going to be wearing my pajamas backwards and inside out tonight so I can hopefully attract this storm to "deviate" and shower me with it's love.

If you know one thing about me, you know that I love precipitation (and have my whole life).  I am going to leave you with what I woke up to Saturday morning:

 Versus what I was lucky enough to experience in early 2010:

*le sigh*  At least my favorite squirell came to visit me:

 Bye Mr. Squirrell.

Goodnight folks.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Years Part 2

Oh yeah! I wanted to share this dress I got from H&M.  I wore this on the eve of new years eve.  Maxi dresses are very "in" right now, and I always have loved them, but also had a hard time imagining what I would pair it with especially in this cold winter weather.  But, I threw on my handy dandy rough boots (that I pair with girly items for a nice balance).  p.s. I definitely hate heels with a maxi dress, maybe I'm the only one but I couldn't do it.  Oh, and to add a little spice (and shape), I added a leopard print sash and tied it like a obi belt.  I was hesitant it would look like a bit much, but it was cute and definitely added a little shazam to the outfit.

leopard dress: h&m ($20- it was on sale from $40)
leopard sash/scarf: thrifted, ($5)
black zip up: f21 ($4)
earrings: gifted
zigi soho meena boots: dsw, ($20)

Back to New Years Eve

 muuuscclleee maaaannnnn.  I always hated my arms growing up because they were always cut.  I swear I'm not even flexing.  BUT, in my 20s so far, they have been, not cut.  Until now!  Thanks to Devs heavy ass.

I loved this outfit!  It was so perfect for new years.  How lucky was I that I found that top at the thrift store that day??  The coloring is perfect.  And my pants??  They are the most perfect material.  They are super soft, and best of all, they don't wrinkle and cat hair doesn't stick to it! w00t w00t!

blazer: h&m ($15)
sequin tank: thrifted, ($5)
silky urban outfitters pants: gabriel brothers ($3- no lie!)
 boots: thrifted, ($10)

Are you starting to wonder where I shop with all these amazing "thrifted" items? I'm so selfish, I almost don't want to tell....*le sigh* I get most of them from Goodwill, Salvation Army, and now Mustard Seed.  Mustard Seed is a shop in Bethesda, right across my job (so so so bad for my pockets!).  They are picky with the clothes they buy from people, but I love going there.  I've come to the realization that  love shopping way more when I'm looking at used clothes.  It's so much more fun for some reason.  I guess it's the unexpected finds.  I feel like I love the pieces a lot more when I buy them used.  They're always more interesting, I don't know.

Anyway, I wanted to also share my make-up, which definitely completed my look.  I was super careful about putting on the makeup.  Of course, Urban Decay's primer potion was a must for the eyeshadow.  I basically did a gold/browns smokey eye. I feel that I'm usually not successful when I do this, but for whatever reason, I do think it turned out nice this time.  I didn't really think at the time of my pics to take a picture with my eyes shut for you to see the eyelids, but these are all I've got:

 Oh, and the lipstick was new as well, but it is the perfect nude pink.  Nudes are always a win win with any smokey eye look.  This lipstick is Angel from Mac.

So that's that! I hope you enjoyed the looks and got some inspiration to find great items for cheap.