Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SpottieOtties Yard Sale!

I have an update.  I did not settle today :(  Long story, but it has been prolonged and now it may happen Friday, but most likely it will happen Tuesday, since Monday is a holiday.  But, I turned this negative situation into a positive by announcing I will be having my first yard sale!  I am super excited and nervous at all the work that lays ahead of me.

I just posted it on craigslist (and will obviously delete it if I am end up being able to move this weekend).  I plan on selling things like:

- lots of cute clothes that just don't fit but are pretty cute (I bought most of them too small, all girls do this at some point when they like something enough)
- super cute jewelry
- a few OPI nailpolishes
- some beanie babies my moms trying to get rid of
- cute, mostly new baby clothes or baby items
- a beautiful girly stroller and carseat that I'd LOVE, but Devin is not feminine
- kitchen table

and whatever else I can find, which will motivate me to go through some things.  If you think you may want to stop by and live in the area, email me (link in the sidebar), and I will give you the details of when and where! Wish me luck!

(Image taken from

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Sunday!

SpottieOtties is going to be on a break this week because.....

I officially got the house!! HOOLLLAA!

So with work work, packing, cleaning, organizing, getting rid of things, selling things and hopefully getting a yard sale together, I will have no time to blog.  BUT, I am plenty excited for upcoming blogs after this week, which will include:

- decorating ideas (or maybe even progress ideas)
- how to wear a dress in several different ways
- gift guide
- vintage pics
- fav postsecrets
- bargains

among many others!  Maybe I'll be able to sneak in a blog, we'll see how it goes.  But I just don't want to promise. 

This weekend I scored a coffee maker, iced tea maker, a shirt and jacket for $15 from a couple yard sales.  What was the highlight of your weekend?  I hope it went well and have a great week ahead!

Photo taken last weekend while I was lying on a rock by the Monacy River

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fashion Forward

The Sartorialist never ceases to amaze me with the type of people he finds and photographs.  This man with his chic linen coat and Adidas shoes definitely has some unique style.  Who woulda thought this combo would work?  And don't get me wrong, it wouldn't for everyone, but it sure does for him.

Ashley Green is a vampire chick from Twilight.  I think she's gorgeous....but I think her dress is even more gorgeous.  Click on the picture for a large image.  I love it!  She did her accessories, hair and make up right too. 

Favorite Postsecret of the week:

I hope one day my family will feel this way :)

Monday, June 21, 2010


In lieu of the World Cup (go Brasil!- and for the haters, I've been a fan since the 6th grade, before I even knew it was "cool"), I have been thinking about some future goals...but not that futbal kind (spell check just tried to make me spell it the American way, psh!), the do well for yourself kind.  I have already been telling myself how when I move in I want to better myself in several ways, and I just added another goal to my list that I am very excited for.

See list:

- Exercise regularly
- Start doing more crafty things (boy do I have ideas)- Work on my overall attitude/happiness/SELF....aka do yoga
- Keep the house overly organized (very excited about that because I love organizing)
- Make sure there are no dishes as often as possible (I'll cut myself some slack every now and then)
- Be more green by doing several things including....making a compost bin!

 What is a compost bin you ask?  Well, I just learned what it is too, and I am not going to be too technical
 with my explanation.  But basically, it's a bin you put your leftover vegetables, fruits, coffee grinds, papers, eggshells, laundry lint (weird, right?), etc. (no bones or meat) into a bin and not only have better soil for your garden or grass, but help reduce landfill waste!  Sounds smelly right?  But there are definitely ways to prevent that, and I am super excited.  I plan on having an airtight container under my kitchen sink for the scraps (which will ultimately mean less trash for Michael to take out ;p), and will then put those scraps into the compost bin outside every other day or something.

I'm not a super green tree hugger, but I do care and try, plus I'm gonna try doing a little gardening, and compost soil is the way to go.  Since this doesn't seem like a hard thing to do, I'm totally excited.  I'll keep you guys posted!

P.S. Can't wait to sit on my deck in the mornings, sip coffee and just CHILL!  I'll find out soon the fate of this house!! Keep yo fingers crossed!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Sunday (Post- in advance)

I have a long day tomorrow of getting my tan on, and the a bunch of fathers day stuff, and possibly more furniture shopping. 

Today, I had an EXHAUSTING day of furniture and antique shopping and browsing.  Literally from 9-5 in this heat I drove, carried, walked, browsed, searched for yardsales and racked my brain for different ideas.  Maybe it doesn't sound too exhausting, but it was.  However, I found some GREAT finds that I am super excited about! 

I started out going to this barn in Frederick and drove with the windows down and Lauryn Hill blasting, which totally put me in a good mood....PLUS, I discovered a great place to look at the Monocacy River and relax in times of stress, so I'm psyched about that.  Anyway, my goal was this rented barn with all these antique dealer bringing their clearance/sale pieces. Lots of things were too pricey (for me), but I did find some GREAT finds too.  After that, I went to a yard sale in the boonies that I had passed when lost on my way to the antique place, and got Dev a temporary chair/table high chair for $2, two sets of vintage earrings for $1, a glass perfume tray for a dresser $1, and a planter, $1....holllaaa.

After that, I unloaded, went back to the antique clearance at this rented barn and picked up some more things.  Then we went to Antique Emporium in Frederick, and they had a consignment (reg furniture) part, and we found our basement couch and loveseat for $371!  Now just gotta find a kitchen table, and living couches, of course I want more, but it can wait (I need help reminding myself of that).  Checkity-check the pics below of my great finds, descriptions, and pricing:

top left to right, up to down:
two fake floral sets- $5 each, two antique drawers- $6, $8, coat/whatever hanger (it was the cutest there- people were jel) $14, vintage metal, somewhat rusted tray on table- $8, table- $28, planter (yard sale)- $1

Vintage reapolhstered chair (my fav find)- $15 each (got two and people were so jealous!), floor pillows- $5 for all 3 (slightly ripped on edges but I love.  Michael HATES!), black wooden organizer- $10 (plan on using it for mail)

I got two "Drexel" Vintage brand nighstands that I adored!! $50 each.  Apparently, this is some expensive brand.  All I know is, small nightstands from Ikea and Big Lots even are about $50, so it's a steal indeed!  I love the metal on the bottom.

When we went back to pick up the nightstands, Michael decided to give it a chance and browse around.  We found these silverware hooks, which I thought were PERFECT for hanging oven mitts and whatever the square things are called (brain fart... too lazy to look it up) for the kitchen.  Only $3 each! Another LOVE!

We got these coasters for $4 each, (I talked her to giving me the last one for less, she only gave it for a $1 less, I mean, come on!) But I love them nonetheless.  Aren't they lovely??

And last, not my favorite find for sure, our sofa (love-seat not pictured).  It is actually somewhat of an love green color (which I try to avoid), but it was comfortable, a steal, and for Michael's "man cave" a.k.a basement anyway.  I def think it was a great find!

What do you think?  I think we did well.  Did you find anything special this weekend?  Whats your favorite fid of ours?  I hope you have a great weekend and Sunday!

p.s. our loan is OFFICIALLY in underwriting.  I am terrified.  Keep your fingers crossed for us! 

Friday, June 18, 2010

Point Made?

 (Note: Vintage Photos will be continued next week)

I am not tooting my own horn by any means, but lately, I have been receiving a lot of compliments on my outfits.  I've often heard that I have nice style, and trust me- this compliment is always music to my ears.  I take style and fashion very seriously, yet I have a hard time spending a lot of money on any one item.  So the point of this post is to prove that though I am a cheapo and spend little money, I can still look like I spend a lot!  See below:

I wore this to work the other day, along with a cream elephant necklace, that totally made my outfit:
[cardigan- Urban Outfitters found at Gabriel Brothers ($3), tank- Forever21 $12-15, belt- thrifted (.99), eight*sixty brand- thrifted $15 (usually $100+), flats- target ($12 or so)}

Later that day, I found these wedges and wore them later like this:
{Wedges- Target $15 or so}

{sheer shirt- H&M ($7.98), belt- thrifted (.99), J. Brand Jeans (rolled up)- Gabriel Brothers ($20, usually $120+), shoes- charlotte russe ($20)}

Hello pigtails! to complete this look:
{shirt- thrifted ($1.99), shorts- I made from old jeans, shoes- Gabriel Brothers ($2)}

I have also worn this skirt with black sandals, a light gray or white shirt, and either no cardigan or a thrifted $5 mint green, short sleeve button up:
{cardigan- Target clearance ($2), striped tank- Forever21 ($8-$12), skirt- Forever21 ($15), sandals- Gabriel Brothers ($2)}

These pants look more flared than they are, they are kinda like tight-up-top wide legs and I love them!  This is a simple, throw on and get outta the house outfit:
{tee- H&M ($7.98), Citizens of Humanity jeans- thrifted ($24)}

See my point?  In conclusion, I am a big cheapo when it comes to buying almost anything, but in the end, I am a great bargain shopper.  I don't care too much about name brand and still seem to look good.  Now, I'm not knockin label whores, in fact, if you are one, you should def check out one of my favorite blogs High Fashion 4 Less!  The blogger, Sara, is great at finding name band things for cheap, or "steals" that often look like the more expensive item (plus more).

p.s.  say what you will, but most of my thrifted finds are from Salvation Army ;)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Home Inspiration

As the settling date moves closer, I have been driving myself crazy with ideas of all the things I want to do.  If I can somehow get my hardwood floors first (whether they end up being laminate or not- I honestly don't care), I will be so incredibly happy.  The kitchen needs new cabinets asap too though, they are the ugly ones that are that cream color with the oak trim on the bottom, BARF.

Anyway, I'm totally into looking in to some vintage/retro but modern furniture pieces for cheap.  I am definitely going to start browsing antique stores, garage sales, craigslist, and hopefully some cool auctions or flea markets.  I couldn't be more excited!! I went into salvation army today and got a few little knicknacks for decoration/bookshelves etc.  I will share those soon.  For now, I wanted to share some of my favorite ideas that I can't wait to achieve (in time- that's what I need to keep reminding myself).

I absolutely already have my mind set on a gray wall.  I love how it is so neutral and can go with just about anything.  Another thing I am excited about and already have my mind set on is having several picture frames at some part of my house, sort of like the ones in the above picture (though maybe not as many?).

I love striped walls like this, but I don't think I'd have the patience to do it.  Though I love it, I think I am going to stick with a neutral lavender or light green for the bathroom (maybe even a baby blue).  Either way, I am super excited!

I'm not super pressed on the colors this person used (found this picture on, but I loved the mirror which is actually on Design*Sponge (a great DIY site), and I like the tall vase with the flowers.  This is one of those things one would usually not be too fond of in a store, but when put together and in a good space, it works and you actually like it.  Sometimes I'm that way about clothes, in the store I'm like meh, but when I see it on someone I think it looks great!

This picture is from Young House Love, which is a blog/website with this married couple who totally renovated their house on a budget and did an amazing job.   They are always doing new things and have a great DIY section, as well as sooo much other stuff about where they found things, etc.  Anyway, I am not usually a plant person, but I think since my new house will be a new beginning with so many other things (like working out), I think I want to give plants a shot as well.  If I take the plant thing slow, or don't do such a great job with it, I know that I want to have some fresh flowers every now and them somewhere.  I think it makes people happy.  I especially love the yellow daffodils in this picture.

I think this is from Apartment Therapy as well, it was someone who had a tiny studio of like 200 something square feet (props to her, I could never do that shit) who did an amazing job with it!  This is one of the pictures she had up.  In my old apartment, I had a lot of vintage pin-ups.  I thought framing the pictures would be a  great idea, and I may now do it thanks to her (hello guest bedroom/office)!

And to end this post, I was trying to look for a quote I once read about imitation and how no ones idea is original, but I searched and searched and couldn't find it...I guess this is cool too:

"Imitation is at least 50 percent of the creative process” - Jamie Buckingham

p.s. Michael tells me the house isn't going to be a "zoo" or a "museum"......he'll learn one day.

Edit: I found the quote thanks to Nate (the facebook friend who always has up cool, philosophical quotes):

"Nothing is original.  Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination.  Devour old films, new films, music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, random conversations, architecture, bridges, street signs, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light and shadows.  Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul.  If you do this, you work (and theft) will be authentic.  Authenticity is invaluable; originally is non-existent.  And don’t bother concealing your thievery- celebrate it if you feel like it.  In any case, always remember what Jean-Luc Godard said: It’s not where you take things from- it’s where you take them to. - Jim Jarmusch

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Too Cute

I entered Devin in a cover 2010 contest, but there are like 76k entries.  However, I just got THIS picture recently, and have to add it to the album.  It is just too cute!!  You can find the album here.  Help Devin win by "liking" a photo or commenting :)

Doesn't he deserve it? Ahhhhhhh!

Favorite Postsecrets of the week:

I like this one because I feel like a lot of gay people probably feel this way and can relate.  Plus, it was creatively done.

Trichotillomania is an obsessive compulsive disorder where one picks at their hair obsessively whether it's plucking, or twirling the hair on their head and pulling out, etc.  I bet there are many people who bullied and feel so sorry now, whether their child is bullied or not.  I wish kids were nicer, but no matter what generation, there will be bullies :(

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Hello lovelies.  I hope your weekend went well!  We found bad news about the house today, when we were sooo close to moving out in two weeks!  The roof needs to be replaced soon, but it might be do-able so we'll see.  On the other hand, I caught a picture of this beautiful rainbow 5 minutes before it dissapeared yesterday.

Anyhow, I have a very, very busy week ahead of me between work and house-hunting, so hopefully the blog won't be too boring this coming week.  Regardless, there will still be the vintage pics, so you at least have that to look forward to.  Hope you have a great weekend!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Classic Go-To Summer Styles For Men and Women

I may slightly boring when it comes to summer style, but I have stepped up my game over the years.  Often times, I avoid layering because I hate being super hot.  But again, this summer I've stepped it up a bit by doing cute color combination's, patterns, throwing on a vest, and most importantly, accessorizing.  However, for the past several years, there have been a few items that have been consistently my go-to summer items because they are classics.

-  Nautical stripes are extremely classic and are great for summer.
-  You can never go wrong with a canvas tote
-  The messy side braid, though very in style this summer, is a classic, cute style that's great for every occasion from the beach/pool, to an evening casual dinner (also cute for a summer wedding).
-  Year after year, I always have a go-to simple sandal for the summer, sometimes I like to switch it up with gladiators as well.
-  My hoop earrings are the classic Mina symbol.  If you know me, you know I have been wearing them for years.  If thats not your thing, hanging metal feather earrings are perfect for the summer as well.
-  Lastly, aviators.  I love aviators and have not given them up for years!  Unless I lose them, which is often and the reason why I would never spend Ray-Ban money on them..besides the fact I wouldn't spend that money for sunglasses even if I didn't lose them because I feel that is ridiculous- but that's just me (and I'd stay I'm still stylin' since that's what people know me for)!

Now on to men's:

-  Aviators are great because they work for both men and women, and look equally as awesome on both.
-  I have always been a fan of chucks on men for any season, though I think guys should just wear sandals for summer, but usually, unless the guy has preppy style, they stick to tennis shoes and Chuck taylors are perfect because they are light.
-  Men can never go wrong with cargo shorts, what more is there to say?
-  A nice, sporty watch can be a great way for a man to accessorize.
-  White tees, or gray tees work great with any type of colored cargo shorts.  Call me plain Jane, but I love plain tees on men and women.
-  Lastly, a leather (or hemp) bracelet  is perfect for summer time for men as well.  When I went to Nicaragua, I brought a bunch back for my male friends, and I think they were appreciated.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vintage Pics Part 3

Finally! I am going to show you the first vintage photo that made me oooh and ahhh!  But, you know I save the best for last so now, first things first.

I tried to look up L.F. Bates Studio, and aslo the address, but couldn't find anything.  This is the same old lady as last time.  I really believe she and her family were rich.  Look at the clothes, and the fact they often went to photography studios and traveled (more about this in the next post).  Also, there seem to be a couple pictures in front of their house, which is huge.  The interesting thing about this photo is that on the back, she wrote in pencil:
Chest- 30 1/2"
Bust- 31 1/2"
Waist- 21 1/2"
Hips- 34
Thigh- 19 1/2
Calf- 12
Ankle 7 1/2
Biceps 8 1/4
Forearm 8 1/4
Wrist 2 1/4
March 1 st '99, 28 years old
Interesting right? I wonder what the measurements are for.  And obvi, the '99 means 1899.  Crazy!  I'm so glad I get to share these, and again, I hope you find them as interesting as I do.

I believe this is her husband.  I found the collar and the print of the bow tie to be quite interesting.  I looked up the address of the studio and did the google satellite, and this is what 333 Westimister St., Providence RI looks like now:

It's almost a damn shame, huh? Quite interesting, nonetheless.

Remember last week how I showed a picture of the girls and mentioned one that I would show this week?  Well, here it is.  Again with the big tie, the big hats and patterend dresses.  I just found the girls facial expressions to be alluring.  The gal on the left is quite cute, in my opinion.  I also mentioned last week how they never smile, here is another example of that.  I love the background of this photo.  Photos around this time would be printed on very flimsy paper, which is why I think they were often pasted on these thick, almost cardboard type paper.  I really do like this picture.

Ta-Da! I hope this picture is everything you hoped for!  I LOVED it!!  I have no idea what year this is around, although I could look it up because it's obviously from the time planes were first invented.  This photo is on a very flimsy piece of paper.  Notice how it is projected onto the paper?  This pilot, or plane, didn't work out too well...I just loved how everyone nearby gathered to see the sight, and that someone actually got a picture and it is now in my possession.  Dude on the right looks like he is on a cell phone, which would be the case today if anything like this happened.  I have several more shots of this photo in different angles, and I will keep posting them during the next couple of weeks.

I hope you enjoyed it!!

p.s. if you share these for any reason, please do give SpottieOtties credit :)  But feel free to share, cuz it's pretty damn cool!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Favorite Postsecrets of the week:

That sucks.

This is sad.  But I think there are often wishes like this on birthdays and no one knows.  Have you ever just wondered what the person is wishing? I know I have

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Sunday!

My weekend went by too fast as usual.  Friday, we did our home inspection and discovered our biggest problem, which is some deteriorating corner wood, this will still be expensive, but it could be a lot worse!  So, still, the house is not 100% because of this and the loan and bla bla, I'm still hopeful though.  Whatevers meant to be will be!

I really wanted some quality pool/sun time with Devin, but with the clouds, it was a no go.  Therefore, my weekend wasn't the most exciting, although I did get my first (and hopefully last?) real taste of chat roulette.  What did you do this weekend?

Oh! And, I submitted a couple vintage photos to The Sartorialist, I'll be super excited if one of them gets posted! 

Hope you had a great Sunday, and even though tomorrow is another Monday, be thankful for another day.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vintage Pics Part 2

Finally, we get to see some more vintage pics!  Let's get to it, shall we?

This isn't so vintage, but probably circa mid 1950s.  This is my Maternal Grandparents wedding.  I am actually impressed with Grandma's dress.  I think it's beautiful and doesn't seem too dated.

A lot of the pictures I have been grabbing these from, are from an envelope that belonged to my Mother's Grandma.  No one knows who this lady is, but she is many photos.  A lot of these pictures also have that backing to it.  Anyway, I think though she isn't that pleasing to the eye, she has a definite unique look to her.  There is another picture similar to this one, with the date 1882 on the back.  I will show you guys that one next time.

I do not know the date of this picture, but I am assuming it is in the early 1900's.  I just found this picture so creepy.  I think the kids belong to the lady in the above photo.  There is another picture of two of the girls, I think they are the same ones, that is a very interesting photo to me, I will show that one next time as well.  Isn't it funny how the big bow was the style back then?  I wonder why in all these old photos, hardly anyone is smiling.  Maybe no one would say "cheese" back then?  (Speaking of cheese, that was cheesy, I know).

This is my favorite out of this set.  I call it, "Brokeback."  I have no idea when this photo was taken, but obviously during the cowboy days.  This is one of my favorite of the batch.  Click on the pic to see details up close.  Are they in a room?  Are they inside or outside?  Tell me what you think...

So that was that for this week, I still have a few that you should be very excited about.  I am OCD with saving the best for last.  Definitely check back next week for some more!

I Think We Were Already Aware

But there is definitely something A LOT wrong with Lindsay Lohan.  There are some photos of her recent photoshoot with Purple Fashion Magazine shoot:

I mean, really?!  This is not cute, at all. This bitch takes a swig, snorts coke, takes her drag, and then whines and whines that she always has negative attention on her.  These photos are ridiculous.  Yet, she begs to be taken seriously.

Lindsay, we know you are an attention whore and like attention whether it is negative or not, but please, get it least sometime before 40, which you already look.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In This Moment I....

- Am actually digging my second painting, however I am still unsure about hanging it up
- Am exhausted
- Am anxious to get my house!
- Would like to share how cuddling with Devin is my favorite thing. Ever.
- Want to get this $225 necklace for free from J Crew.  I would never spend that kind of money on...anything (unless it's a must have electronic?

 - Want to set up goals for summer fun, like a romantic picnic, small roadtrip, and a definite beach trip.

That is all.  Don't forget to check in tomorrow for Vintage Pics Part 2!  If you liked (or even didn't like) Part 1, trust me when I say you won't want to miss Part 2!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Favorite Postsecrets of the week:

I like this one, though I wish she didn't feel the pain and confusion she must be feeling.


There's still some good people in this world.

I wonder why they chose the half and half lipstick for this one?