Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Today is yet another beautiful day.  Yesterday went up to 80 degrees and I believe today was supposed to be cloudy, but it is sunny and warm yet again.  We didn't end up going to Philly yesterday, which was a bummer, but we decided to just drive to DC instead, and enjoy the beautiful weather since it was Eid (Iranian New Year!).

We walked all around the mall and went to my favorite museum, The Natural History Museum.  We did a quick browse in there and then walked back to the car.  My sandal ended up breaking halfway to the car and I was shit outta luck....until I bought a t-shirt and the kind man repaired my sandal with rope and a knife!  After that, I saw a protest from that group of psychopaths that hate "fags" and America, oh and God does too by the way, apparently.  I think they might have been that group that goes to soldiers funerals and protest and tell the families that their son died because there are fags in I said, psychopaths.  If Dev wasn't with me, I would have walked by screaming "yay fags! I love fags!" I was heated and disgusted.  Ugh!

Anyway, we got to our car, I fed little man and we drove to Georgetown where we stood in a 30 minute line to get some (slightly overrated) Georgetown Cupcakes.  They are good, but too much icing IMO.

Today, Dev is gonna get his professional pictures done for the first time, and we will all hopefully enjoy the sun some more!  I hope your Sunday is great too!  Enjoy some pics below.

Love this pic of our shadows (courtesy of Michael)

What a hip dad with Diaper Dude.

 The group that elevated my blood pressure.

My foot looks a little beat, after all that walking, but see makeshift shoe.

I can dig it.  Happy New Year!

Little man in the baby bjorn talking.

Final destination.


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  2. You should go across the street and down M Street a little to Baked & Wired. 10 times better, bigger, and cheaper.