Friday, July 29, 2011

3 in Uno

Happy Friday ya'll!  Since I sucked at posting this week, I was able to take some time last night and put in on my prior outfits of the week that I was super excited to share!  So, I'll start with yesterdays:

Thursdays outfit:

black gap button up: thrifted, ($4)
old h&m tank: ($5?)
j crew skirt: j. crew sale ($28)
j. crew woven belt: ($10)
nine west sandals: nine west sale ($40)
white fossil watch: outlets, ($92)

The funny thing about this skirt is that I got a couple cute things for super cheap at j. crew this past weekend, and I saw the skirt but passed.  They were having a sale on already marked down stuff, the skirt was "marked down" to $50 (puhlease), and then 30% off of that, plus 15% off using my student discount.  But anyway, I went back Monday because I kept thinking about the skirt, then in the store I was holding it and thinking for about 10 minutes, thinking things like what I could pair it with and should I really get it??  Then finally I was like 'Oh Mina, just get it, you clearly came back for it,' and I'm so glad I did because a) yes, I can pair it with soo many things, and b) the material is such that I can wear it easily in summer AND winter.  Even though I'm not a fan of what I'm bout to say.....WINNING!

Wednesdays outfit:

j. crew dress: j crew sale ($28, from $148 originally)
steve madden shoes: thrifted via goodwill ($10)

I had been wanting nude, heels, and with patience, I found the perfect pair at goodwill.  When I really want something, I usually am patient until I find it at a thrift store or second hand store, and I'm always so proud and so glad I waited.  I always liked this dress from J. Crew when I saw it in the catalogs, but I never even thought twice about one day purchasing it.  The dress was even cheaper than the above skirt, it was marked down to $40 plus the above discounts.  I can't believe it was originally $148!

Lastly, Monday's outfit:

red tye-dye cardi: old f21 ($13)
old navy cream tank: ($6)
old f21 gray skirt: ($16)
red toms: nordstroms, ($43)

Yay for red Toms!  Again, soooo glad I finally got them.,  they are incredibly comfortable AND I helped out a child in need.  HOLLA!

So, what do you have planned for this weekend? i really want to go see the Tribe Called Quest documentary, but I had already had plans to go see the movie, Crazy, Stupid Love (is that what it's called?).  I hope it's good, and not a disappointment. The, hopefully, I'll have some pool time with my little one, considering I've only done that once so far this summer! Gotta get on that.  Hope you have a great weekend!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Manic Monday

How was your weekend?  Mine was alright, nothing spectacular.  Wasn't as productive as it could have been, but I actually got up early yesterday, for once.  I really need to work on that.

One plus to my weekend, I finally got me some Toms.  I have been wanting the red ones forever, like literally, more than a year.  I just never felt like coughing up the $40 somethin bucks, I guess.  I don't know why I never got them.  Anyhow, I put mine on hold and walked over to the kids section, and was pleasantly surprised when I saw kids Toms!  Dev's little feet have grown, and he was in need of some new slip ones besides his crocs.  He has cute little vans that I love, but they are almost too small.

Aren't they so sweet?  It was the only color they had, but I loved them.  I was told they were $20, but they were actually like $28, and I was disappointed and almost didn't get them.  But, I couldn't really resist.

Plus, I love when Dev and I have a similar look going on at the same time.  . Also, the best part is, kinda like warby parker, every pair of Toms bought, a free pair goes out to a child in need.  Awesome!

And now I leave you with yesterday's outfit followed by a couple family pics, courtesy of Dev.

             vintage tank- thrifted, ($1)
old navy shorts- ($12)
mossimo slip ons- target, ($?)

Hope you have a great week!  Stay cool in this crazy heat.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Friday!

It has been scorching hot this week.  I know 2/3 of the country is dealing with this massive heat wave.  Awful!  Thus, yesterday's outfit wasn't show worthy (just a white tank and black shorts), but the day before was cute enough for me to share:

 pink cardi- h&m ($8)
f21 tank- old, ($13)
j crew summer chinos- outlets, ($10)
sandals- gifted

 Also, I wanted to show off my  nails with crackle nailpolish by Sally Hansen.  This joint is sold out everywhere all the time.   I finally found one!  It's really awesome.  You can get it from, Target, CVS, Rite Aid, etc. OPI makes it as well, and I think the Orly brand makes it too. I haven't seen those though, only the Sally Hansen ones, and they are usually pretty sold out.  I guess it's the new craze!

Excuse the chip, I did it during my lunch at work and didn't bother putting on top coat.

green nailpolish is Sephora by OPI, "Read my Palm"
black crackle is sally hansen

Hope you have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I had been looking for more 4th of July pics- wait, did I ever do a first post for it?  Anyway, I have a firework pic and a cute pic of Dev and I from when we watched fireworks.

But that will be at the end of the post, for now, I will give you my first pair of work appropriate shorts!

Teaching Dev to use the remote:

 cardi: thrifted, ($5)
tank: old old f21($?)
gap "boyfriend" shorts: ($10)
gap sandals: ($5)

It's going to be 101 degrees in a couple days, and has been in the mid 90s, I decided it was time to take advantage of the fact that we can wear shorts to work.  I am very lucky and thankful for my job (for many reasons).
And here are the two 4th pics I promised:


 Is it disgusting I wish I was that color (read: tan) still?  Then so be it.  I had JUST gotten back from the beach about 3 hours prior to the pic being taken. 

Have a good hump day tomorrow?

Monday, July 18, 2011


I apologize I do not have any outfit shots for my lil wayne concert experience.  I was wearing a navy blue shirt with several buttons unbuttoned for a sexier effect, I was also wearing black ankle pants, and my gray faux snake skin sandals.

Now, before I lose any credibility for attending a lil wayne concert, I gotta let you know, he is an amazing performer, I had no idea!  The crowd was such a vast mix of people, there were even your typical, mid 30, middle class professionals.  There were also unfortunate skank 15 year olds wearing shirts as dresses, and moms who brought their 8 year old sons. Uhhhhhhhhhh...

Regardless, he played a wide variety of awesome songs, and did I mention Rick Ross opened for him?  It was great.  Oh, and Wale (a DC local that's blowing up) stepped on stage as well.  One of my favorite parts about the concert, was waynes reminders to the audience, words he both began the concert with, and ended it with as well:

"Let me tell you three things about myself.  1, I believe in God.  2, I am not shit without you.  3,"

I thought it was sweet.

Last, I will leave with what he was wearing for most of the concert.  A white shirt with pink collar and trim on the arms, khaki pants, high socks, and some shelltop adidas looking shoes.  It was super cute!  He must have been wearing it when he "ripped it up at the skatepark," (as he tweeted) right before the concert.

(he got super close to us at one point!)

One thing's for sure, no matter how much you may dislike wayne, find him unattractive, think he may sound annoying, etc., he does posses an amazing amount of swagger that just makes you somehow swoon (or something?) in his presence.


Thursday, July 14, 2011


I had been looking for a black jumper, that wasn't a halter top or tube top.  Searched a couple Forever21s, and finally, found the perfect one in my size.  I was worried it would be too long ( I have that problem often), but it was perfect!  And, I got my new shoes just in time to pair it with.

blazer- f21 ($16)
jumper- f21 ($24)
sophie theallet for nine west- nine west sale ($50, originally $100)

The shoes are super cute, but not as bright in person as I had hoped.  They also run a little bit big.  I'm almost debating returning them.  They are super cute but are they worth $50?  How often will I be pairing them with something? The back of the jumper is lace/see through.  That's why I had to pair it with a blazer for work, but I'm excited to wear it out and about on hot days.  

How do you feel about jumpers? I know they go in and out of style all the time, but I think if it's not too crazy, it can be pretty classic, no?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just One of em Days

I decided to take these pictures in my home, because my neighbor was sitting outside and I didn't feel like taking pictures of myself with the tripod and being asked questions.  Wasn't in a very social mood yesterday. 

Today is not a whole lot better. 

black tank- old h&m ($8)
yellow skirt- thrifted, ($8)
shoes- nine west ($40, sale)
Hey, at least I'm supposed to go to a Lil Wayne concert Saturday.  

No, really.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Don't you think it's a super good routine/idea that the past couple weeks, couple days a week, I've been eating cereal for dinner, followed by Ben & Jerry's for dessert?


Do you own a pair of Toms?  I may be one of the only people left in this world that doesn't have a pair.  And when I say, "in this world," I mean it.  I mean it because every pair of Toms someone buys, another pair goes out to a child in need.  W00t w00t!  That's kinda like Warby Parker (mentioned here and here), who donates a free pair of glasses to a child in need, per glasses sold.  Love.

Back to Toms, I have heard they are extremely comfy.  They also have like, every design possible available right now.  I'd def check them out.  May holler at a pair myself....not anytime soon.  if I've put it off this long, I ain't in no rush, Shoooooooot.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I spent this weekend at a random beach trip with my brother, Jamie (his best friend growing up), and Michael.  It was a much needed, relaxing trip.  I worked extremely hard all last week, and especially Friday.  I was nearly the last person in the office and left shortly after 6:45, after having a jam packed day.  

I definitely enjoyed some bad food, and some bad sun.  I now have a bunch of freckles to show for it.  Though I use sunblock, I still get lots of freckles around and on my nose, and I have kinda always liked them.

So anyway, now I have a bunch of catching up to do at work, and hopefully I'll have a couple cute outfit shots for you soon since I made a pit stop at the outlets on the way to the beach :)  

Have a great week!  Only two more days till the weekend.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Vacation Dreamin

Today was a beautiful day, highs in the mid 80s, no humidity.  Mmm, I love that weather, it reminds me of being poolside in Vegas.  Heat with no humidity versus heat with humidity, is a big difference in how hot you feel.  Dry, crisp heat is lovely, especially with subtle wind.

Man, I need to get to the beach asap.

mint tee/cardi: buffalo exchange in San Fran ($?)
white ruffle tee: (?)
j crew woven belt: j crew sale ($7)
burnt orange j crew cargo pants: j crew sale ($25)
steve madden shoes: macys ($40)

Hope you have a happy Friday and a great 3-day weekend!