Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Every Day I'm Hustlin'

Two more days until 3-day weekend! w00t w00t!

 necklace: thrifted ($4)
striped tee- f21 ($13)
leather belt: thrifted, ($4)
american apparel skirt- thrifted, ($8)
watch: asos, gifted
steve madden shoes- macys ($40)
sunglasses: f21 ($3!!)

 For some reason, these shoes make me feel kinda sexy.  I don't know if it's the high heel, or what, but I enjoy it when I wear them...especially when my outfit is more on the casual side :)  These shoes are great because they go with everything.  If you don't have a similar pair, I suggest you get some. 

Hint: Check out Nine West's sale, they may have something similar.  Also, peep DSW as well.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All Black Everythang

 Yesterday was one of those days where I just felt like layin low and keep it dark.  Not to mention, I wanted to sport my new nine west heels that I grabbed for only $40!  They are super comfy.  The leather is so soft.  I also wanted to show off my hat. 


 black tank- old h&m ($7)
f 21 pants- ($18)
hat- nordstrom ($18)
nine west shoes- nine west sale, ($40, originally $100)
watch- fossil outlet ($92)

So there you have it.  Lookin fly while being extremely comfortable.  You know how I do.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


I won't get into unecessary detail, but I had a great Saturday night/Sunday morning with my parents.  I got little sleep, but I woke up feeling a very spiritual feeling, this overwhelming feeling of loving everyone.  I put on fb, "just one of those days where you feel like you love everyone so, so, so much you don't know what to do."  Have you ever felt that? I'm definitely not exaggerating when I say it's overwhelming.  A more simpler way to put the feeling, though, is just feeling a whole bunch of appreciation. 

Anyhow, Friday after work, I had nothing to do and went to the mall.  I ended up going to several stores with great sales.  I originally went for Zara's sale, but gap, and even j. crew of all places had better sales going on.  I ended up getting my FAVORITE weekend lounge sweatpants that I've been wanting from j. crew (remember my winter version?) and my favorite belts from there that I have had my eyes on lately.  The sweatpants were like $70, but were knocked down to $20 and 30% off.  Done! 

I also had enough time to browse different stores for different prices on hats.  Ended up getting them from Nordstroms, but I got two, along with a cute skirt for $13 bucks, not bad. 

 See the tiny braid? (below)
straw hat: nordstroms, ($18)
white shirt: thrifted, ($4)
j crew belt: j crew ($9, originally $22)
j. crew shorts: j crew ($10, originally $50)
sandals: target ($22)

I really loved my outfit!  The night version of this outfit was minus shorts plus j. crew lounge pants.  

I'm overall very pleased with the way my summer outfits have been turning out.  On extremely hot days, it's hard for me to usually do anything not-so-basic, and while I def appreciate my lazy/comfy outfits on the weekend, I'm proud of myself for continuing to try different things (in this example, long sleeves in summer- don't think I would have tried that before).

That's enough for tonight, hope you have a very happy Monday tomorrow!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tomorrow is

vintage vest: thrifted, ($2)
f21 dress: ($16)
nine west heels: gifted
bracelets: gab bros., ($4)


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gimme S'More

Jaunt from yesterday
Do I look too grandma-ish?
'like the colors, though

Do you like my haiku?  Heeyyy!! I just remembered, I one day posted all these haikus on my first real blog, my blog at Myspace.  I should go back and read those entries sometime...

On that note, here's yesterdays outfit:

excuse the wrinkles, it wasn't like that all day.  But I should have known when I had to iron the skirt twice(!!!) before even wearing it (in less that 24 hours).

I apologize for the subtle remote.  It works so great from afar!  (Really though, I think maybe just the remote batteries are low/dying)

Yeah, I know, I look thrilled.

And just for laughs:
dark coral cardi: thrifted, ($5)
white old navy tank: gab bros., ($2)
Anthro/Urban outfitter skirt: gab. bros ($8)
nine west sandals: macys, (gifted)

lololol at my still face and twirling bottom, another thrilled one.

Do you think I look too granny-ish, though?  Is the skirt a tad bit too long? I've been wanting a skirt with a longer length hem.  How do you think it looks?  I think the shoes helped modernize the outfit, right? I really love these shoes, I can mix them with almost anything! Oh, and my title is stemmed from the simple fact that I had a s'more right before writing this post.  Clearly, the "diet" is going well.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Camp Love

I stopped by my friend's camp the other night, I was finnin for a s'more.

And I needed not be, to be honest.  I am gaining weight, and I can't stop eating Ben N Jerrys at night, but I think it's starting to become a little too obvious.   I was ok prob, at least 3 pounds ago?  I was happy I gained more weight (as I usually love thicker more than thinner), but it's also bikini season, so I could afford to at least starting a healthier regime.

Anyway, here's the hippie campin night pic:

 For real, for real though, I really do wanna go camping in early September...

 And comfy, rainy Monday's outfit:

Ghostface killa:
gap button down: thrifted, ($4)
red tee- gab bros. ($2)
j. crew pants- j crew ($50)
bakers shoes: thrifted, ($8)

We had some type of false fire alarm at work today, and everyone gathered outside for about 25 minutes, so that was the excitement for my day.  Hey, at least I was comfy, and I really like my outfit, looking back on it!  It was a good day.

Rainy Monday

Rain + Monday = wanting to be cuddled up in my bed with a book.  This has been my little fantasy/daydream since I was in 2nd grade, and ever since, I've loved rainy days.  Especially rainy fall days.  There's something so cozy about them, but I love rainy days in summer too.

Last week, I had plenty of outfits that I loved and wanted to share.  However, I had some obligation almost everyday after work, which resulted getting home around 830-9, and having not time to spend with my lil man or do anything else for that matter.  Thus, I only have one outfit to share.  Maybe if I gt some extra time this week, I can try to recreate last weeks outfit for one post.

new york & co soft pink cardi- gab bros. ($6)
turquoise silk tank- thrfited, ($3)
vintage multi colored belt- thrfited ($3)
hunter green capris- f21 ($14)
tan heels- target, ($13)

You can't really see in these pics the multi colored belt, but I am wearing two belts.  Got the idea from the j crew catalog (they make it look so easy!).  One thing I liked about this outfit, is that I would have never thought to pair these two colors before, but with a little bit of inspiration mixed with creativity, I did it successfully and loved it.  What two colors have you paired together and ended up loving the combo?

Hope you had a great weekend, and that you have a great week ahead of you!

Monday, June 13, 2011

UPDATE: Spring Giveaway!

 Update: And the winner of the, "I'm Fly" by Melody Eshani ring goes too:

 Trudy!!!! With a number 5! Congrats girl!  Thanks for being a faithful reader!!

Finally!  My giveaway is here.  Are you ready?

I'm giving away a white, "I'm fly" ring by Melody Eshani!  The ring retails for $48, and you can buy it from her site here.

Winner will be announced this Friday, May 17th.

To enter you must:
- Leave a comment letting me know why you want the ring, or what you like about it (is it a gift? etc.)
- You can leave an extra comment if you "like" SpottieOtties facebook page, leave a comment letting me know you have done so.

Winner will be chosen at random, using  Good luck homies!!

Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday for me was relaxin and eatin a bunch of good treats.

My breakfast idea randomly popped in my head, but boy was it delicious!

Toasted bread with nutella and cut strawberrys.  YUM!!! Not to sweet, not too terrible for you, and the perfect mix of crunchy, sweet, and soft.

After my breakfast, I lounged around all day doing a whole bunch of nothing.  Saturday I had finished the book, Room by Emma Donoghue, AMAZING!  I read it in 24 hours, a little less.  I highly recommend it.

Around dinner time, I started feeling hungry, but wanted to snack first, so, I decided to finally make my kale chips! 


- 1 bunch of kale
- 2 teaspons of olive oil drizzled on top
- a little salt or seasoned salt

Set oven to 375 degrees
after mixing the above ingredients, put it in a cookie sheet into oven
keep 'em in for about 10 minutes or until the edges brown a little and voila! You're done.

They were pretty good.  People were right when they said that it kind of tastes like potato chips.  Try it for a healthy snack.  It was super easy.

Lastly, before bed I was craving something sweet again, so I cut up strawberries and made my special sauce that I will have to cover for you guys one time.  It's so yummy!

I hope you're weekend was great!


I love linen pants, linen dresses, vests, etc.

Friday's outfit felt very summery.  The only thing missing was the beach!

vintage hat- thrifted, ($5)
vintage linen vest- thrifted, ($2)
black tank- f21 ($8)
pinstripe linen pants- thrfited, mossimo (target) brand ($5)
charlotte russe flip flops- ($8)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Heat Wave

We got that pre-summer heat wave going on in our urea.  Like I said yesterday, if it wasn't SO humid, it wouldn't be nearly as bad! 

But, let's get to the point.  This is one of my favorite skirts, but it's kinda hard to pair colors with.  I'm excited to see what else I can/will do with it.  For now, here was today's look:

Last night, the skirt looked so brown (with hints of blue).  Today, though, it looked gray again.  Surprisingly, this skirt is really comfortable too.  Oh, and I added a little unnecessary accessory, my belt.  I thought it looked cute added on though:

If you disagree, then this is how I feel about it:

yellow cardi: new york & company via gab bros ($5)
white tank: old, ($8)
gray skirt: thrifted, love21 (same as f21) ($8)
nine west shoes: gifted

Check back tomorrow for details about the giveaway coming up :)  Only 2 more days till the weekend!