Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Wanna Make Sure You Remember Me

I have a love/hate relationship with Beyonce, she must be a Libra....  I don't really like her actually, but I do like some of her songs and I do think that girl can dance.  Yesterday morning I woke up to Michael watching music videos, and when I watched Beyonces- Video Phone, I discovered some things.  For one, I didn't know Lady Gaga was in it, and it made me kinda sorta maybe like her more?  She didn't have any ridiculous things covering her face, I almost didn't recognize her, until I saw that beak of hers, then I knew it was her.  It's crazy how they make vidoes these days, all the special effects and what not (see beginning of video).  B has some crazy ass outfits and Lady Gaga should have practiced a bit more with the dances they do together, in my humble opinion.  I wish I could dance like that though!  B was doing some booty shaking, which the lezbo side of me could appreciate.  My fav outfit of hers in the video is her outfit resembling MIA (some people do say B always has to sweat somebody- maybe it's true after all), this is around 4:00 of the video.  Enjoy!

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