Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Latest Target Finds

I am so sad right now because I was going to blog about my latest target finds, plus a pair of shoes I found by looking at a favorite blog, HighFashion4Less ,that would have matched my target find.  I was so excited to put together a couple of outfits with this shoe.  I had it up and ready to pay for, got distracted by Devin and dinner, and when I clicked "Add to shopping cart" at, the item was no longer found!!  This is the second time something like this has happened to me. :(  So I am so pressed over the shoe, (I have been wanting one like it for a year), that I am going to call the local Charlotte Russe's and see if they have it in their store, which last time I checked, they didn't.  It's so silly things like this can really bum a fashionista out (or anyone finding something cheap they love), but I am super bummed.  Anyway, I will still blog about my latest Target finds.

Lately, I had the "perfect black summer dress" on my mind, I hadn't seen it yet, but I had an idea in my head.  The perfect black summer dress is great for any occasion, shopping, restaurant, barbecue, party, you name it; not too dressy, not too casual, just right.  As I was browsing Target with two lovely gals, not really looking for anything, I came upon this denim (but not tacky) romper with a belt as well as a pinstripe one that was adorable!  Kayla and I tried them on, and both of us have a romp that's not flat, but you would think otherwise in the romper. Boooo!  And then we came upon a black one with lighter material that did our booties the justice they deserved (for $19.99).  It is so cute and it can replace the need want for my little perfect black dress!  Sadly, I was extra excited to wear it with my sandals that are no longer available :(

It looks better in person and not with the tacky gold bathing suit underneath.  It's super cute paired with any gladiators.  My idea was to wear gold or silver big cute earrings, possibly hoops, with some aviator glasses, bracelets and rings.  Here are the sandals that I love but are no longer available:

Lastly, I told them to keep me away from the baby section, as I would probably buy something which would in turn piss Michael off because "Devin has too many clothes and doesn't need more," but they were taking too long so I couldn't help myself.  I fell in love with this:

Clearly, I got it.  It was only $8.99 and it's going to be 80 degrees Friday!  I couldn't resist (sorry Mike).  You can't see the top but it has a turquoise collar and the two turquoise buttons.  Adorable!  Even Michael smiled when he saw it, but still I got reprimanded.  And yes, little Devin needs a haircut.  It looks like he has a helmet head.  He is teething and crabby in the evenings lately, so I couldn't get the cute smile we all long for!

Well, wish me luck for my Charlotte Russe endeavors!

Monday, March 29, 2010

A Little bit of This, a Little bit of That.

I have cute things and pictures to share!

First I wanted to share this cute gift bag, $1.69 from Marshalls.  It's contents are even cuter, but they are gifts for an upcoming birthday, so I can't share them yet, but boy do I wish I could!

My dad is out of the coutry visiting relatives in Iran, and I have been staying here watching the house.  In the shower, I discovered this Queen Helene Apricot Natural Facial Scrub.  I have always been hesitant to use apricot scrub on my face, fearing it would be too oily, but I decided to give it a try.  My face felt soooo smooth! I told Michael to try it and he agreed, and no oil! I love it.  I used the brand while pregnant, I used their coca butter and loved it too.  The brand is cruelty free, natural, cheap, and can be found anywhere from Big Lots to CVS and Walmart!

Now to the extra cute stuff!

Michael's Mom got me these cute socks that have laces and look like shoes fomr a boutique.  They come with different colors and shoe laces tied in a bow!  The ones at the top are a different brand and sock but they are even more adorable!!  Look at the cute box and how it's set up.  I love it!  I went to a different boutique yesterday and saw some argyle ones, I died! 

 I often save the best for last when it comes to food, or in this case, picture posts!  I got these baby jammies for sale from old navy for like $2, and though I wasn't crazy about the pattern, I LOVE(D) the outfit!  It's like a big kid jammy set for a baby and I think it's sooooo freaking cute! It's my favorite and I can't wait till he's a little chunkier to show you guys a picture!

So that is it for now. Hope you enjoyed! 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Sunday!

I got my ring and painted my nails this beautiful color that the pic just doesn't do justice! It's called "Thats's hot! Pink" by OPI.

I also got a tattoo that I have wanted since I was preggo!

p.s. It didn't hurt.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

First Video Blog!

Here is my first video blog.  Please let me know what you think, and be honest!  I went shopping and wanted to share some great deals and tips for spring fashion.  But uh, basically, if you have a pee pee in between your legs, you will most likely find this video boring.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Taking it Back: Celebrity Gossip

Remember when I used to blog about celebrity gossip on myspace?  Well, I always felt kinda dumb for doing it because I didn't really care what the celebrities were up to, so I asked myself why did I like looking at it so much?  The answer was simple, I LOVE seeing what they are wearing and sometimes getting inspiration.

The other reason I loved doing it was cuz I did get LOTS of views on those blogs, and of course that always felt good.  So I'm gonna bring it back and see how I feel...maybe I'll keep it up sometimes :)

Let's start off with this hot mess, a.k.a. Lindsay Lohan.  I mean really? This bitch needs to get it together.
What up gray teeth? Michelle Trachenburg can be cute sometimes, but celebs have access to teeth whitening and she needs to holler at a dentist or one of the kiosks in the mall.
What up buttaface holy boobs, Vida Guerra!  What happened with that ass, girl?  What made you decide to relocate it to your chest? (Vida was famous for her ass).
If you really want to make me vomit, show me a picture of this duechebag.
Mila Kunis, GQ April 2010. HOT.
Audrina.  Really don't like this girl, in most of her pictures her eyes are doing some weirdo things where they are always pointed upwards without her looking up.  Also, her fake tits are stupid.  The only thing nice about this picture is her side-braid, which is very in style for this spring (btw).
I won't be a total lezbo, here is a picture of a hot guy, Gerald Butler.  I often don't find lots of men hot, but when I do, they are usually older.  Kinda weird (and sick?)
Jennifer Love hugetitsHewitt looks really hot here.  I love her hair!  I LOOOOVE big hair!  She also has nice legs (and a very cute dress).
This girl needs to really get it together with her fashion style.  This outfit is a hot mess.  She had gained a lot of weight though and is doing a good job of getting it off, I'll give her that.
Kimmy K(akes) is usually hot and has a pretty good sense of style, though somewhat boring.  These shoes however, I am not digging.  Her big toe is sticking out and it isn't cute.
Here is Luda, revealing his real "bad chick."  She's pretty! And short, cuz I know he is short as hell and she's wearing heels.
J Alba needs to eat a sandwhich.  She looked way better when she had some meat on her bones.  I don't get why she has been doing this to herself as of late.  Is it just me, or do you think she's too skinny?  The outfits kinda cute though, and simple.  I usually really like her style even though SHE really gets on my nerves (from what I gather from her interviews, she seems pretty annoying/dumb).
Last but not least, Stacy Dash is seen here getting someone ready for a gay pride event she was hosting.  She is really hot and I love her!  Her shirt looks super cute on her as well.

That's it for now!  Hope you enjoyed :) Should I keep this up and do it again sometime?

My Next Etsy Find (and Purchase)

So, this is a long story that I am not going to get into, but basically, I was once given a ring that I fell in love with but had to give it back (and wanted to) because it was for a good reason.  I loved it though and the other day I decided to look at vintage rings on Etsy.  I found a whole bunch of vintage inspired ones and just cute ones for like $12-$30 that I loved.  BUT-  I am trying to save money to buy a house and am really trying to work on not just buying things because I can.  I have always had rent and lots of bills and rarely had enough money for fun, but now living at Michael's parent house and being debt free, I find myself spoiling myself a little more than I should be.  With that being said, I found a ring that looked really similar to the one I loved and it was cheapish ($18) so I decided to get it.  It looks a little jacked up and I probably should have asked the seller to lower the price for a little, but its a "Vintage Silver Filigree Ring with Marcasite."  Is it really vintage?  Who knows, but it has marcasite, and I never knew that was the name of the style (or cut?) but I have always loved jewelry like that.  Here is a pic of a marcasite ring:
Marcasite is actually pyrite when it is in jewelry because marcasite is too brittle and has a unstable chemical structure.  Did you ever collect gemstones or rocks?  Pyrite was the cool crystal/metal looking one, it used to be my favorite.  Enough with the science lesson here, lets get to the ring I love and can't wait to get in the mail soon!

Yes, it looks a little jacked up, but it's similar to the one I loved and I am very excited!  Lastly, there is a store RIGHT next to my work called "The Antique Station" and I really need to make a trip there soon; when I do, I will blog about it and let you locals know how it is in case that's your thang ;)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Favorite Postsecret(s) of the Week:

Is it creepy that I think this secret is kinda funny and kinda cute?  I think more so the picture.  I mean yeah, it is a little gross, but it's sweet at the same time!  Old people need lovin' too!!

I love this for the drawing and mainly, the content.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Today is yet another beautiful day.  Yesterday went up to 80 degrees and I believe today was supposed to be cloudy, but it is sunny and warm yet again.  We didn't end up going to Philly yesterday, which was a bummer, but we decided to just drive to DC instead, and enjoy the beautiful weather since it was Eid (Iranian New Year!).

We walked all around the mall and went to my favorite museum, The Natural History Museum.  We did a quick browse in there and then walked back to the car.  My sandal ended up breaking halfway to the car and I was shit outta luck....until I bought a t-shirt and the kind man repaired my sandal with rope and a knife!  After that, I saw a protest from that group of psychopaths that hate "fags" and America, oh and God does too by the way, apparently.  I think they might have been that group that goes to soldiers funerals and protest and tell the families that their son died because there are fags in I said, psychopaths.  If Dev wasn't with me, I would have walked by screaming "yay fags! I love fags!" I was heated and disgusted.  Ugh!

Anyway, we got to our car, I fed little man and we drove to Georgetown where we stood in a 30 minute line to get some (slightly overrated) Georgetown Cupcakes.  They are good, but too much icing IMO.

Today, Dev is gonna get his professional pictures done for the first time, and we will all hopefully enjoy the sun some more!  I hope your Sunday is great too!  Enjoy some pics below.

Love this pic of our shadows (courtesy of Michael)

What a hip dad with Diaper Dude.

 The group that elevated my blood pressure.

My foot looks a little beat, after all that walking, but see makeshift shoe.

I can dig it.  Happy New Year!

Little man in the baby bjorn talking.

Final destination.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Hypnotize Me

Dev out of the shower with the cute curly hair that dries straight.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy (post) St. Patty's Day!

I meant to post my St. Pattys day picture yesterday, but it was also Michael's mothers birthday and we went out to eat.  By the time we got home, it was time for bed for Dev.  We have been putting him in his crib for the first time this week and also putting him to sleep way earlier.  The past two nights have been a breeze and I am sooo happy it's working out!!

Lately, it's also been really nice out, like 70 degrees!  So I have been going for walks with Dev in the stroller and opening windows and enjoying the sunlight.  Every night, I have been going to bed very happy and thankful, it's such a great feeling.  A little morbid, but sometimes I think to myself that if I died in my sleep, I would have felt I lived a full-filled and happy life.  Is that really morbid and weird?? 

Here are some pictures I wanted to share!

Devin wearing his green on St. Pattys day!  After all, he has a Irish name and our Irish genes MUST be strong since he barely has any white in him but he has reddish hair and white skin!!

Here is a nice pic of Hemi on our window sill, enjoying the sunlight and fresh air.
Here is Bobbi on the other side enjoying the sunlight as well.

Along with the sunlight theme, here is Devster after a walk.  We were sitting on the porch enjoying the weather.  My little man is getting so big so fast!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gift Guide #2

One day I decided to check out some Etsy, a homemade-art/clothes/random stuff ebay.  I always knew about it but never had patience to browse, or maybe I just didn't think of it?  The first thing I saw on the website was a search for Etsy user store near you.  I entered my zip and found a bunch around me-  only two caught my eye.

I fell in love with the idea of Polaroid jewelry .  Jerseymaids made all this type of jewelry from these mini Polaroid pictures.  There's also nightlights and pictures.  I thought to myself how perfect some of these would be as gifts for some close friends.  Here are some of my favorites.
These Polaroid rings are strong magnetic rings with adjustable size and five interchangeable Polaroid photos.  It comes in a tin box with tissue paper.  Super cute as a gift!  Only thing is, being the crazy bargain shopper that I am, it being $40 make me hesitate a tiny tiny bit.  I would still probably buy it though, I just haven't yet.

The other thing that broke my heart was this nightlight.  It looks different in the day time when it is not on.  I fell in love and I would want it for my own house that I buy one day, or for someone who recently got a house (you know who you are).  This one isn't bad at all price wise, it's only $18 and they have different ones as well.

And lastly, I checked out her other store, Drawers of the Manor which is more antiques and vintage clothes, and FELL IN LOVE with this "ringbox."

It's apparently small and fits "one or two rings." Even though it's small, I fell in love with it only more and it was only $10! I love vintage things and can never help myself, especially with vintage jewelry!

As I was checking out, it said I get 15% off at the Jerseymaids store!  Guess I'll go get those rings after all ;)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Monday

This was supposed to go under the Happy Sunday post- but I didn't have time yesterday to post it.  I swear Michael is really asleep and so is little Dev.  So cute!

I love Sundays and always have.  I always felt that they go by slow, which I enjoy.  Most of the time I like to just chill Sundays and clean up.  Lately, though, I have been visiting friends or family (right, Mom?).  I will try to post a Happy Sunday picture every Sunday from now on :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Skip Hop Pronto

Could you guess? Another baby item. I got this travel diaper changer thingy while I was pregnant, it was passed down to me, and when I finally used it, I was in love! It folds up and has two compartments on the inside, one netted, one zipper, and then a folded vinyl changing pad! It all folds up with a buckle clip, and has another zipper compartment on the outside. The one I had was all black, and I liked it that way, but on Valentines day, I left it at Olive Garden, or I think it fell out of my purse rather :( I called them and they said they did not find it! I was really upset so I looked online and found more! I could not find a black one to save my life though, all the black ones had a ugly design on the vinyl inside. Finally, I found a cheaper one with a design I loved. They are sold everywhere from Target online, to pottery barn, and of course, amazon, ranging from $20-$30.

Here are some pics, I really enjoy this thing!

It's a little dark, but you can see the wrist strap to the left, and there's a zipper up top by the Skip Hop tag.

The two compartments and the folded changing pad...

And my fav part, the vinyl changing pad!  So cute with the outside!  It was by far the cutest one and it's great because it's gender neutral (in my opinion anyway).

It's great to carry around instead of placing a baby on a dirty ass changing table or wasting paper by using disposable changing pads. Love!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dining Out for Life Dinner

With the rents :)

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If I Had a Twitter

I would twit (or is it tweet?):
That my nails rip every single pair of pantihoes :( just ripped spanx grrrrr!

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I Wanna Make Sure You Remember Me

I have a love/hate relationship with Beyonce, she must be a Libra....  I don't really like her actually, but I do like some of her songs and I do think that girl can dance.  Yesterday morning I woke up to Michael watching music videos, and when I watched Beyonces- Video Phone, I discovered some things.  For one, I didn't know Lady Gaga was in it, and it made me kinda sorta maybe like her more?  She didn't have any ridiculous things covering her face, I almost didn't recognize her, until I saw that beak of hers, then I knew it was her.  It's crazy how they make vidoes these days, all the special effects and what not (see beginning of video).  B has some crazy ass outfits and Lady Gaga should have practiced a bit more with the dances they do together, in my humble opinion.  I wish I could dance like that though!  B was doing some booty shaking, which the lezbo side of me could appreciate.  My fav outfit of hers in the video is her outfit resembling MIA (some people do say B always has to sweat somebody- maybe it's true after all), this is around 4:00 of the video.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Iced Tea Maker

I have a sort of new addiction, but believe me,the popsicle addiction is still on and strong- I just had 2.  I have been fiending for iced tea lately, but the thing is, I'm picky with my iced tea.  I like iced tea from restaurants, but not from the fountains, or store bought ones, or the arizona ones, I don't know why, they just all taste fake to me.

When I visited Tina in Florida, she kept making iced tea and it was always sooo good, but since we drank it all the time, it was always gone.  I remembered when she was my roommate, she would make it by literally boiling the tea bags and then putting it in the fridge, but when she would make it in FL, it never took long, so one day I watched, and I discovered....

Did you know there was such thing as an iced tea maker?? Like a coffee machine, there is an iced tea machine?!  You attach the pitcher to the machine, and you add tea bags somewhere (not sure where) and it brews it hot (I'm pretty sure), but the pitcher has a line indicating where to fill the water and then where to fill with ice!  It was always cold enough after it was brewed for us to enjoy.

So, I am doing a little research, (I always research item reviews before buying) and I am going to get one off amazon or something today.  I will let you know how life changing it is!  Here is a pic of one to give you an idea of what they look like: