Monday, March 7, 2011

Pulled Over

Whoop whoop!  So, I got pulled over by the world's biggest douchebag cop.  He spent 30 minutes bitching me out, trying to scare me, and basically harassing me and making me wait for no reason.  All because I had ice/snow on half of the back of my windshield- $110 ticket.  UUGHH.  Anyway, let's get to the good stuff.    


black new york & comp cardigan: gab. bros ($6)
vintage dress (hemmed): thrifted, ($6)
hue tights- macys ($4)
steve madden shoes- ebay ($36- usually $80!)

 (Sorry guys, that there's barely any space between the pics.  It's things like the editing on blogger that I really don't like...I sometimes wonder about switching to tumblr.  Thoughts?)

Love my little man.  Making him laugh is what I look forward to daily.  Nothing makes me happier!

About the dress, isn't it amazing?  I started getting serious about vintage and thrifting when I saw a bloggers amazingly beautiful vintage dress.  I was like, I gotta find something like that! I have had several finds that I love.  And I am impatient with shopping and sometimes even get overwhelmed.  But looking through all the clothes is soothing or something.  I really do enjoy the hunt, I didn't think I would.  Buuuuttttt anyway, I hope you had a happy Monday :)


I have been asked several times about where I shop and how I get my hair to be volumonous.  I'm gonna tell you about where I shop now, and my hair routine later this week, so check back!

Where I shop:
- Goodwill
- Mustard Seed
- Value Village
- Forever 21
- H&M
- Salvation Army
ebay & etsy

Yup, I mostly shop at thrift stores these day.  I think I will do a post about going thrifting, for those interested.  Stay tuned, it's gonna be a good week for SpottieOtties :)

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