Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Can I just say, I'm watching Real World and the red headed kid is absolutely insane, and a huge____.  Like, I can't even take it.

But anyway, I had a long day, I just got home an hour ago. Straight from work I went to my hair dresser and got my roots touched up.  I didn't get home till 9:10 so, I'm feelin tired.  And I just want cupcakes. :(

Alas, I am not going to post the past couple days outfits today, but I will quickly post today's outfit today:

p.s. I hate these pics

Christian Dior boys jacket- thrifted, ($4)
h&m blue and black speckled shirt- ($13)
black knit stretch cropped pants- ($?)
hunter boots- nordstrom ($68, got for 40)

 Not a color combination I would quickly think to put together, but somehow, it just came to me last night and I loved the idea.  I knew I didn't even have to try it on.  I absolutely love my hunter boots and am so thankful for them.

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