Monday, March 28, 2011


Hola comrades.  As I promised, I am going to show you some "before" pictures of my house.  Yes, it's in it's current state, but this should give me motivation to get it done and make it so I love it.  I'll be hanging things up this weekend.  But, there's still a lot to do.  Anyway, I thank High Fashion for Less for reminding me that I need to update you guys with home photos  We used to have this layout:

This is what it's been rearranged to now:

 (sorry for the brightness...I'm learning)

 My favorite chair that Michael hated!  I'm glad I didn't give into getting rid of it.  I then found this pillow at an estate sale, which goes perfectly with the blue and sheepskin from ikea.

Here is an antique kids rocking chair. Dev loves it.

Love this Russian doll, I got at that same estate sale, I always wanted one, and this person was well traveled!

 The coasters are parts of the world.  Love my ceramic white elephant!

I just love this apron!  Isn't it adorable? It was $1.45 at valu village in silver spring- the huge thrift store I've mentioned.  I love the babushkas.

The first set of home photos I posted, I had posted these as well (I plan on hanging things up asap):

Now, the bedroom:

Don't think this is permanent (the color scheme), or even the whole thing to it,  I want to do something I really like with the bedroom.  Again, that's why these are the "before" pictures.

Love this anthropology ring holder! I got it for like, $4 or something.

 BORING! And do you like the non matching pillows?  Our washer is currently broken, and we're running out of sheets, pillow covers etc.  Good thing the problem is getting taken care of this week!

And preview of tomorrow''s outfit:


  1. Crib's Looking VERY NICE! i liked the suitcase table that is no longer there, but at least I remember to do it myself at some point! Great Job!

  2. P.S. The little rocking chair is awesome!