Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gettin Old

I played with Dev, which consisted of crawling all over the floor and banging my knees.  My one knee is killing me now!  Can't help but think, "damn, it must be a part of gettin old..."  I mean, I'm not one of those people who are 23 calling themselves "old."  But 25 is ok.  (Just kidding).

white coat: express -gab bros ($20) originally $80 and $175 in stores
leopard shirt: f21 ($13)
gap jeans: "thrifted" ($14)
vintage nine west shoes: gab bros. ($30)

Haha! Michael just said "Cuz you're old!" to someone at the t.v.  Whatever it was in response to, I wonder if we often think about getting or being old....is this what happens when you become a parent perhaps? I really am just kiddin though.  Promise.

Anyway, these aren't my favorite pics (dont mind my mug). I love these jeans every now and then, but I am very picky with what shoes I wear with them.   Well, anyhow, I'm gonna look at a few of my fav blogs, get some inspiration for what to pair with this skirt I want to wear tomorrow, and then get ready for bed!


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