Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Outfit of the Day

Can I just say, I LOVE wide leg pants.  I have always thought they were so classic and chic.  I still agree, and always will.

red cardigan: thrifted, ($4)
blue banana republic chambaray shirt: thrifted, ($4)
black New York & co. wide legs: thrifted, ($6)
watch- asos ($40 gift)

Do you see why I love these timeless babehs?  Speaking of babies:

I had to share my lovely and his toothy smile.  It kills me!

I just love hugging him skin to skin.  Every mom should have a picture like this.  Should every mom I put this pic up for the world? I felt kinda iffy about it at first, but I figure he's just a baby...well, actually technically a toddler.  It's kinda like when you would go to a restaurant and be 14, but would still pretend you were a kid for the kids menu.

Hope you enjoyed.  And hope you may have changed your mind about trying some wide legs if you were hesitant before!

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