Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hot Pants

These technically aren't hot pants, but they are HAWT pants.

From here I changed my lens to the 50mm one that I haven't even had much of a chance to try using! Do you notice anything different?  Hmm, maybe that it's a tiny bit out of focus.  Also, I noticed it takes the picture a lot faster (faster shutter speed somehow?) and the pictures were more true to the colors.  I always end up having to edit and lighten my photos, these I didn't touch.

boys christian dior blazer- thrifted ($3)
mustard j crew shirt: thrifted ($8)
j crew cords: thrifted ($12)
fiona brand shoe (payless?)- thrifted ($7)

Oh, this color j crew shirt I have been wanting FOREVER! I went to j crew in the mall and it was on "sale" for $30. Best believe I turned my self around and walked out that door empty handed! Shoooot.  The next day I went to Mustard Seed in Bethesda- (which is a more expensive thrift store that I still love because they are fair for their prices) which unfortunately for my pocket, is right across the street from my job.  I frequent it way too often, but especially when I am specifically looking for something in particular, then I go several times during the week.  But anyway, I went and they had it for $8 and I was thrilled.  I'd been wanting it for a while!

So that's that!  I'm proud of myself for my color combos the past two days!  Tomorrow is Friday, I might take a super comfortable route.

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