Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pure Morning

Hello!  Today was a weird day with many hurdles, but somehow, I kept myself in a good mood most of the day.  To top it all off, the sky was beautiful tonight- I could see many stars.  I know, I'm such a damn hippie.

I felt super feminine today, but I really liked my tights plus heels and the whole outfit.  I'm proud of myself for putting it together! I know, I'm such a damn weirdo.

 I even think the pictures turned out alright.  And yes, those are navy tights.

And a different tone/view of colors

And lastly, this is pretty funny and pretty ugly.  I had to put Dev in the play-pin for a minute while I took my photos.  Devin usually loves watching me take the picture with the tripod and remote, but sometimes he whines.  He did in this case, so I was trying to make him smile.  Annnnd it turned out not so cute, but I said 'why don't I show them a blooper?'  So here it is nice and small:

j crew button up tunic- "thrifted" ($14)
brown leather belt- thrifted ($3)
navy tights-jessica simpson, gab. bros. ($4)
f21 (very surprised this was f21 from the material)- thrifted,  ($8)
guess heels- thrifted ($16)

I had a hard time putting together an outfit with this skirt.  It's hard to define it's colors.  It's kinda like a gray/blue/tan combo.  The material, comfortability (not a word?), and cut were all impressive- I was honestly surprised they were F21 when I went to look at the tag.  I'm very happy with it though, and I can't wait until summer when I can pair it with a bright color (melon?) and brown gladiators.....and sunglasses.  Hot!

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  1. Great color combo. I love the tights/heels too, very hot!