Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Big Hair and Baby Fedora

I promised I would tell you about my hair and keepin' the volume.  It's taken me a loonnggg time to figure it out, as I've always had the problem with it being way too flat on top.  And when my hair is longer, it is even flatter on my head.  So I tried a perm, and my hair has always been nappy (seriously I get a dread in the lower back of my head if I don't brush it), thus there were many-a-tangles, especially with all that chemical in my hair.

That's pretty much grown out.  I have tried many things along the way.  Volumizing shampoo- didn't do much for me, volumizing root spray, mousse, teasing(!), etc.  Lately, I feel I've gotten it down.  So here are some tips along with what I do to get my hair the way it is:

1.  I wash it 2-3 times a week (ok maybe 2 most of the time, especially if I wear it up a lot).  BUT, this has been great with the invention of dry shampoo (I'll get to that later).  You are not supposed to wash your hair often.  If you are thinking, "ew, I couldn't do that," well, yes you can.  Your hair has to get used to it, and it WILL happen.  You can use baby powder, which will get rid of the oil, or now you can use dry shampoo!  It's a spray and it works great.

2.  I don't really blow-dry my hair often.  When I get out the shower, I spray thickening spray (which I think does a lot for getting volume) on the top of my hair sparingly.  Oh! And I never forget the heat protectant spray!!  I then hang upside down and blow-dry the roots.  I only do this for a few minutes and then I stop and usually put my hair up in a messy bun for a little bit.

3.  Now for in the shower: I always shampoo my roots down to the middle of my hair, closer to the end- BUT, I try never to shampoo the bottom very much.  Maybe a tiny layer, if that.  As for the conditioner, I try not to get that on the roots so as not to weigh them down.  This method to me, makes a difference.  But maybe it's in my head.

That's that!  I might do a video about my hair featuring the current products I'm using.  That's what I originally wanted to do, so check back!

p.s. I LOVE big hair! I love big hair up, down, curly, straight, etc.  I hope to one day successfully achieve (for lack of a better word) biiigg hair.

Bonus baby fashion pics:

Baby Fedora!!!! Adorable!

(getting him to keep it on was a different story)

And for the Dr. Seuss shoes:

soo precious :)

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