Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Monday!

I hope your weekend was awesome!  Mine was alright.  I got a lot of sleep in.  My Monday turned out lovely because I got to a) enjoy the rain (you know I love rainy days) b)got off work early.  So we were told at 3 pm that we needed to be out of the building and parking garage by 4 p.m.  Everyone dipped out of there at 3:30.  Although I had to spend it doing errands like getting lots of groceries, I did enjoy not rushing and being able to grab the groceries, make dinner, have Devin in bed by 8 and then do other errands.  I didn't have to rush, so that nice, but I do wish I got to relax more.  Overall though, it was a good day.  Here are last Fridays outfit pics, because today's was nothing special.

striped cardigan: f21 ($14- used to be $24)
sweater: f21 ($12)
black pants: old f21 (?)
huntington boots: kids dept nordstroms, ($40- originally $78)

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