Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SpottieOtties Yard Sale!

I have an update.  I did not settle today :(  Long story, but it has been prolonged and now it may happen Friday, but most likely it will happen Tuesday, since Monday is a holiday.  But, I turned this negative situation into a positive by announcing I will be having my first yard sale!  I am super excited and nervous at all the work that lays ahead of me.

I just posted it on craigslist (and will obviously delete it if I am end up being able to move this weekend).  I plan on selling things like:

- lots of cute clothes that just don't fit but are pretty cute (I bought most of them too small, all girls do this at some point when they like something enough)
- super cute jewelry
- a few OPI nailpolishes
- some beanie babies my moms trying to get rid of
- cute, mostly new baby clothes or baby items
- a beautiful girly stroller and carseat that I'd LOVE, but Devin is not feminine
- kitchen table

and whatever else I can find, which will motivate me to go through some things.  If you think you may want to stop by and live in the area, email me (link in the sidebar), and I will give you the details of when and where! Wish me luck!

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