Monday, June 21, 2010


In lieu of the World Cup (go Brasil!- and for the haters, I've been a fan since the 6th grade, before I even knew it was "cool"), I have been thinking about some future goals...but not that futbal kind (spell check just tried to make me spell it the American way, psh!), the do well for yourself kind.  I have already been telling myself how when I move in I want to better myself in several ways, and I just added another goal to my list that I am very excited for.

See list:

- Exercise regularly
- Start doing more crafty things (boy do I have ideas)- Work on my overall attitude/happiness/SELF....aka do yoga
- Keep the house overly organized (very excited about that because I love organizing)
- Make sure there are no dishes as often as possible (I'll cut myself some slack every now and then)
- Be more green by doing several things including....making a compost bin!

 What is a compost bin you ask?  Well, I just learned what it is too, and I am not going to be too technical
 with my explanation.  But basically, it's a bin you put your leftover vegetables, fruits, coffee grinds, papers, eggshells, laundry lint (weird, right?), etc. (no bones or meat) into a bin and not only have better soil for your garden or grass, but help reduce landfill waste!  Sounds smelly right?  But there are definitely ways to prevent that, and I am super excited.  I plan on having an airtight container under my kitchen sink for the scraps (which will ultimately mean less trash for Michael to take out ;p), and will then put those scraps into the compost bin outside every other day or something.

I'm not a super green tree hugger, but I do care and try, plus I'm gonna try doing a little gardening, and compost soil is the way to go.  Since this doesn't seem like a hard thing to do, I'm totally excited.  I'll keep you guys posted!

P.S. Can't wait to sit on my deck in the mornings, sip coffee and just CHILL!  I'll find out soon the fate of this house!! Keep yo fingers crossed!

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