Friday, June 18, 2010

Point Made?

 (Note: Vintage Photos will be continued next week)

I am not tooting my own horn by any means, but lately, I have been receiving a lot of compliments on my outfits.  I've often heard that I have nice style, and trust me- this compliment is always music to my ears.  I take style and fashion very seriously, yet I have a hard time spending a lot of money on any one item.  So the point of this post is to prove that though I am a cheapo and spend little money, I can still look like I spend a lot!  See below:

I wore this to work the other day, along with a cream elephant necklace, that totally made my outfit:
[cardigan- Urban Outfitters found at Gabriel Brothers ($3), tank- Forever21 $12-15, belt- thrifted (.99), eight*sixty brand- thrifted $15 (usually $100+), flats- target ($12 or so)}

Later that day, I found these wedges and wore them later like this:
{Wedges- Target $15 or so}

{sheer shirt- H&M ($7.98), belt- thrifted (.99), J. Brand Jeans (rolled up)- Gabriel Brothers ($20, usually $120+), shoes- charlotte russe ($20)}

Hello pigtails! to complete this look:
{shirt- thrifted ($1.99), shorts- I made from old jeans, shoes- Gabriel Brothers ($2)}

I have also worn this skirt with black sandals, a light gray or white shirt, and either no cardigan or a thrifted $5 mint green, short sleeve button up:
{cardigan- Target clearance ($2), striped tank- Forever21 ($8-$12), skirt- Forever21 ($15), sandals- Gabriel Brothers ($2)}

These pants look more flared than they are, they are kinda like tight-up-top wide legs and I love them!  This is a simple, throw on and get outta the house outfit:
{tee- H&M ($7.98), Citizens of Humanity jeans- thrifted ($24)}

See my point?  In conclusion, I am a big cheapo when it comes to buying almost anything, but in the end, I am a great bargain shopper.  I don't care too much about name brand and still seem to look good.  Now, I'm not knockin label whores, in fact, if you are one, you should def check out one of my favorite blogs High Fashion 4 Less!  The blogger, Sara, is great at finding name band things for cheap, or "steals" that often look like the more expensive item (plus more).

p.s.  say what you will, but most of my thrifted finds are from Salvation Army ;)


  1. You always look so cute. Once I'm done with this pregnancy thing we need to go shopping, I'm so bored with all of my clothes and I need help getting out of this rut!

  2. Love your outfits! I especially love those cut off shorts you made. I need a pair in my closet asap!