Friday, June 11, 2010

Classic Go-To Summer Styles For Men and Women

I may slightly boring when it comes to summer style, but I have stepped up my game over the years.  Often times, I avoid layering because I hate being super hot.  But again, this summer I've stepped it up a bit by doing cute color combination's, patterns, throwing on a vest, and most importantly, accessorizing.  However, for the past several years, there have been a few items that have been consistently my go-to summer items because they are classics.

-  Nautical stripes are extremely classic and are great for summer.
-  You can never go wrong with a canvas tote
-  The messy side braid, though very in style this summer, is a classic, cute style that's great for every occasion from the beach/pool, to an evening casual dinner (also cute for a summer wedding).
-  Year after year, I always have a go-to simple sandal for the summer, sometimes I like to switch it up with gladiators as well.
-  My hoop earrings are the classic Mina symbol.  If you know me, you know I have been wearing them for years.  If thats not your thing, hanging metal feather earrings are perfect for the summer as well.
-  Lastly, aviators.  I love aviators and have not given them up for years!  Unless I lose them, which is often and the reason why I would never spend Ray-Ban money on them..besides the fact I wouldn't spend that money for sunglasses even if I didn't lose them because I feel that is ridiculous- but that's just me (and I'd stay I'm still stylin' since that's what people know me for)!

Now on to men's:

-  Aviators are great because they work for both men and women, and look equally as awesome on both.
-  I have always been a fan of chucks on men for any season, though I think guys should just wear sandals for summer, but usually, unless the guy has preppy style, they stick to tennis shoes and Chuck taylors are perfect because they are light.
-  Men can never go wrong with cargo shorts, what more is there to say?
-  A nice, sporty watch can be a great way for a man to accessorize.
-  White tees, or gray tees work great with any type of colored cargo shorts.  Call me plain Jane, but I love plain tees on men and women.
-  Lastly, a leather (or hemp) bracelet  is perfect for summer time for men as well.  When I went to Nicaragua, I brought a bunch back for my male friends, and I think they were appreciated.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

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