Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Sunday (Post- in advance)

I have a long day tomorrow of getting my tan on, and the a bunch of fathers day stuff, and possibly more furniture shopping. 

Today, I had an EXHAUSTING day of furniture and antique shopping and browsing.  Literally from 9-5 in this heat I drove, carried, walked, browsed, searched for yardsales and racked my brain for different ideas.  Maybe it doesn't sound too exhausting, but it was.  However, I found some GREAT finds that I am super excited about! 

I started out going to this barn in Frederick and drove with the windows down and Lauryn Hill blasting, which totally put me in a good mood....PLUS, I discovered a great place to look at the Monocacy River and relax in times of stress, so I'm psyched about that.  Anyway, my goal was this rented barn with all these antique dealer bringing their clearance/sale pieces. Lots of things were too pricey (for me), but I did find some GREAT finds too.  After that, I went to a yard sale in the boonies that I had passed when lost on my way to the antique place, and got Dev a temporary chair/table high chair for $2, two sets of vintage earrings for $1, a glass perfume tray for a dresser $1, and a planter, $1....holllaaa.

After that, I unloaded, went back to the antique clearance at this rented barn and picked up some more things.  Then we went to Antique Emporium in Frederick, and they had a consignment (reg furniture) part, and we found our basement couch and loveseat for $371!  Now just gotta find a kitchen table, and living couches, of course I want more, but it can wait (I need help reminding myself of that).  Checkity-check the pics below of my great finds, descriptions, and pricing:

top left to right, up to down:
two fake floral sets- $5 each, two antique drawers- $6, $8, coat/whatever hanger (it was the cutest there- people were jel) $14, vintage metal, somewhat rusted tray on table- $8, table- $28, planter (yard sale)- $1

Vintage reapolhstered chair (my fav find)- $15 each (got two and people were so jealous!), floor pillows- $5 for all 3 (slightly ripped on edges but I love.  Michael HATES!), black wooden organizer- $10 (plan on using it for mail)

I got two "Drexel" Vintage brand nighstands that I adored!! $50 each.  Apparently, this is some expensive brand.  All I know is, small nightstands from Ikea and Big Lots even are about $50, so it's a steal indeed!  I love the metal on the bottom.

When we went back to pick up the nightstands, Michael decided to give it a chance and browse around.  We found these silverware hooks, which I thought were PERFECT for hanging oven mitts and whatever the square things are called (brain fart... too lazy to look it up) for the kitchen.  Only $3 each! Another LOVE!

We got these coasters for $4 each, (I talked her to giving me the last one for less, she only gave it for a $1 less, I mean, come on!) But I love them nonetheless.  Aren't they lovely??

And last, not my favorite find for sure, our sofa (love-seat not pictured).  It is actually somewhat of an love green color (which I try to avoid), but it was comfortable, a steal, and for Michael's "man cave" a.k.a basement anyway.  I def think it was a great find!

What do you think?  I think we did well.  Did you find anything special this weekend?  Whats your favorite fid of ours?  I hope you have a great weekend and Sunday!

p.s. our loan is OFFICIALLY in underwriting.  I am terrified.  Keep your fingers crossed for us! 


  1. Great finds Mina! My favs r the rheapolhstered chair and the nightstands. I also like the coat hanger thing you got. Great finds...antique shopping can be so fun but also very tiring.

  2. i love that chair!!! i need one asap:)