Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vintage Pics Part 3

Finally! I am going to show you the first vintage photo that made me oooh and ahhh!  But, you know I save the best for last so now, first things first.

I tried to look up L.F. Bates Studio, and aslo the address, but couldn't find anything.  This is the same old lady as last time.  I really believe she and her family were rich.  Look at the clothes, and the fact they often went to photography studios and traveled (more about this in the next post).  Also, there seem to be a couple pictures in front of their house, which is huge.  The interesting thing about this photo is that on the back, she wrote in pencil:
Chest- 30 1/2"
Bust- 31 1/2"
Waist- 21 1/2"
Hips- 34
Thigh- 19 1/2
Calf- 12
Ankle 7 1/2
Biceps 8 1/4
Forearm 8 1/4
Wrist 2 1/4
March 1 st '99, 28 years old
Interesting right? I wonder what the measurements are for.  And obvi, the '99 means 1899.  Crazy!  I'm so glad I get to share these, and again, I hope you find them as interesting as I do.

I believe this is her husband.  I found the collar and the print of the bow tie to be quite interesting.  I looked up the address of the studio and did the google satellite, and this is what 333 Westimister St., Providence RI looks like now:

It's almost a damn shame, huh? Quite interesting, nonetheless.

Remember last week how I showed a picture of the girls and mentioned one that I would show this week?  Well, here it is.  Again with the big tie, the big hats and patterend dresses.  I just found the girls facial expressions to be alluring.  The gal on the left is quite cute, in my opinion.  I also mentioned last week how they never smile, here is another example of that.  I love the background of this photo.  Photos around this time would be printed on very flimsy paper, which is why I think they were often pasted on these thick, almost cardboard type paper.  I really do like this picture.

Ta-Da! I hope this picture is everything you hoped for!  I LOVED it!!  I have no idea what year this is around, although I could look it up because it's obviously from the time planes were first invented.  This photo is on a very flimsy piece of paper.  Notice how it is projected onto the paper?  This pilot, or plane, didn't work out too well...I just loved how everyone nearby gathered to see the sight, and that someone actually got a picture and it is now in my possession.  Dude on the right looks like he is on a cell phone, which would be the case today if anything like this happened.  I have several more shots of this photo in different angles, and I will keep posting them during the next couple of weeks.

I hope you enjoyed it!!

p.s. if you share these for any reason, please do give SpottieOtties credit :)  But feel free to share, cuz it's pretty damn cool!

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