Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hola.  Today, I got to leave work while it was still light outside!  It was great.  And, if ya haven't heard, the groundhog didn't see his shadow in all that snow, which means spring is coming! ;)

And thus I dressed lightly, as it was supposed to be at least 49 degrees...BUT, it was windy and therefore, cold.

 As I had been on the hunt for black wedged booties, I decided to go to a nearby mall during a lunch and check out h&m.  They had the ones I wanted, but not in my size (neither did the one closer to my house).  However, I walked into Lord and Taylor and they were having a GREAT sale on some shoes!  I found the wedged booties like I wanted, and then found $25 sperrys.  I've always loved the laid-back-yet-classic look and feel to them.  The Nine West booties and Sperry boat shoes all together were $60! Not bad.

They turned out to be SUPER comfortable.  I have been wearing them since I got off of work. 

 They ended up being $24 bucks!

I did one of those blogger "hey look I'm jumping in the air for no reason" shots.  I thought I looked like a freak so I decided to draw my happy expression for you instead.

taupe jacket: gift
shirt: f21, ($14)
silence and noise harem pants: gabriel bros, ($3- NO LIE!)
steven heels: macys, ($40)
sperry boat shoes: lord and taylor, ($24)

These pants, they do not wrinkle, and lint or cat hair doesn't stick to them.  LOVE!

p.s. I'm eating nutella on wheat bread with warm milk. goodnight

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