Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reminder Rings

I found these precious rings for $1.50 when I went to a wonderful and random thrift shop.  They were $1.50, and even more expensive than a leather jacket I got!  I loved that trip.  Anyhow, these rings were sitting safely in a pocket in my purse for a while until I somehow randomly decided their fate.

 {the top two are garnet colored, and the bottom are a turquoise}

You see, I was listening to the radio when they were speaking about the death one of the vj's, Ill Will. Everyone was crying, and it was so horrible and sad.  He apparently had been sick, but I am not sure with what.  What stuck out the most, was how many people said they remembered Will as someone who was always happy and positive.  They said no matter what, he always wanted to make the best out of anything and always looked at the positive.  Every person that personally knew him and called in, had this to say in one way or another.  I was like damn, that's a great way to be remembered, and I admired him.

It all kind of made me think and I wanted to start being more positive by trying not to complain for a week.  Just even about little things (although, health issues didn't count if I needed to say 'hey, I can't do that right now cuz my head is pounding,').  What is one of the ways people remind themselves of something?  They wear rubber bands on their wrist!  So I decided that's what I wanted to wear these rings for, for this week.  These rings just felt special to me, I don't know.  But ok, I am done being a weirdo. 

Here are just a few things from around the web that I have stumbled upon, loved, and wanted to share:

 {someones bouquet of pins for their wedding, how beautiful!}

 {someone's shoe closet from, COLLOORRSSS!}

 {from Melody Eshani's tumblr, love Charles Mingus}

p.s. The past couple days have been warm and heavenly, so I will make up the outfit posts with what I wore soon <3

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