Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rainy Night

It was supposed to sleet tonight, a lot, and it's only raining.  But if you know me, you know that I love the rain.  I also cut my bangs tonight.  I had grown them out for sooooo long!  To my chin!  I kept contemplating cutting them, and I think I even did a month and a half ago (or so), but it wasn't very noticeable- prob more annoying than anything.  And alas, it quickly grew out and I took the plunge tonight.  But, I love it!  I guess you will see that tomorrow.

For tonight, I have the days outfit.  I vow to truly be better about just snapping a couple pics, even if they are boring.  I take the time to enjoy my outfits daily, so I might as well share them, right?  But then there's a little part of me that thinks it's kinda silly...when I really think about it. But anyway, I enjoy it for now.

Worthington cardi- thrifted ($4)
f21 tee- ($14)
army green cargo straight legs- f21 ($18)
steve madden boots- old ($40?)
cashmere mini inifinity scarf- gift

I was too effin lazy (TFL- don't forget it), to edit my rudolph-red-nose syndrome.  I guess not everyday my outfits, nor my pictures are gonna be extravagant, but they could be a lot worse I think.  Plus, it will be better/easier once it starts staying light outside later.  I get home when it's dark- I never get home before 6, and rarely before 6:30 at that. 

But back to the above outfit...Those pants are quite stretchy, but they share the problem I often run into with pants.  I sit weirdly all day, many times with my one leg bent under the other- it's so bad for my knees, and it also stretches out the knee area in most the pants I wear.  I think that's what all those wrinkles by the top of the boots are :/ I gotta stop doing that.  But anyway, it's past my bedtime!  I've been doing great at going to bed earlier, and waking up super early!  I am lovin just watching some news in the morning, maybe catching up on some blogs, and then warming up the car while quickly getting dressed.  So, goodnight!

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