Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Tomorrow is Monday already. ALREADY! I hope your weekend went well!  Mine was alright.  Friday I went to Goodwill with my dad-  he was kind enough to get the clothes for me so Michael wouldn't yell at me, I got the PERFECT pencil skirt, another one, a couple pants, a couple shirts, a belt and a purse I love (haven't bought a purse in a year!).  Saturday, I had a nice date with Michael, we went to the Leesburg outlets in Virginia.  The way we went was a very scenic route, and the weather was perfect!  I didn't buy one thing.  Michael even said "So what?  You only by used clothes now?? You're not even looking at anything!" I thought it was kinda funny.  Anyway, wanted to share Friday and Saturdays outfits:

{Everything from Forever21: dress ($14), jacket (clearance $16?), sunglasses ($4)}

{belt: thrifted ($2)}

Saturdays outfit:
{jacket: rugged warehouse ($4), white tee- Forever 21 ($4), trousers: thrifted (5), belt: thrifted ($2), shoes: Nine West ($70)}

 {purse: thrifted ($5), bracelets: thrifted ($2), necklace: gift}

This outfit is really one of my favorites.  The only downside to these vintage high wasted trousers is that they don't do a lot for my butt.  Either way, I loved this outfit!  When we went to the outlets, I switched the shoes to the sandals seen here.  The outfit looked just as cute.

So, that's all folks! I hope you had a great weekend and are looking forward to a good week!


  1. AWW snap You ol' Stylin' you! I love you sense of style Mina, Keep it up!


  2. Mina! LOVE LOVE these outfits- you look so stylish :) your trousers remind me of a pair that I've been eyeing, but the price is a bit too much. I'll send you the link.