Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blue (and Bonus)

I couldn't think of a better title.  But as I kept starting at the word "blue," I started questioning the spelling because it started to look so weird.  Do you know what I'm talking about?  Like when you say a word over and over and start wondering if you are pronouncing it right because it starts to sound so unfamiliar?

Anyway, I finally got to wear my vintage oxfords I found at a thrift store, and these dress pants I got from Salvation Army.  The pants are super comfortable, and I especially loved the pinkish hue when I bought them.  So I was playing around with what to wear with it, and decided to throw on my beautiful blue dress and wear it as a shirt.  But because of the pinkish hue, I wasn't sure it would work.  And low and behold, I loved it.  It was one of those outfits that you put together and just feel so proud of yourself...or is that just me (again)?

I was also wearing navy blue heels at first, but just wasn't happy with the way that the pants were laying on the heels, and the way the peep toe was present while I walked.  So I tried on the oxfords, and didn't have faith it would look cute, but I immediately loved it!

Dress as shirt: F21 ($22)
Pants: thrifted ($5)
Vintage Oxford Shoes- Zodiac USA, thrifted ($4)

I love the colors of the dress, how the beautiful blue of it goes so well with the yellowish and black design.  This dress is perfect to wear brown or black, and would be fun with tan or black tights.  I actually wore it Sunday with a gold sequined belt, and Steve Madden open toed clogs.  p.s. this means I gave into the whole clog thing, but these aren't too bad, right?

And now for the bonus! 

It got really cold last night and I had to run to my car.  I had been wearing these khaki shorts, with my Target wannabe Toms, and a plain blue tee.  So I opened up my coat closet and rediscovered my red pea coat I got for like, $18 bucks on clearance.  I didn't get to enjoy the coat last fall/winter with my big preggo belly.  I got excited and put it on and absolutely loved the outfit!  Excuse my homely look, but who knew a peacoat could be so cute with shorts?  I think it's the striped blue shoes that really make this outfit...and the messy hair/glasses combo. 

What do you think? Stupid or cute?  Either way, I loved!  Happy hump day folks, Friday is almost here.

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