Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Decor: Inside and Out

One thing I was super excited for when buying a house was to decorate for the holidays, inside and out!  Money was tight this month, so I worked with what I had and went to Michaels (only bought items half off) and thrift stores.

Now, I'm no Martha Stewart, but here is the inside:

 This is my randomly placed white table I received as a housewarming gift.  I haven't quite decided if I'm going to put it in the office as a crafting table and bring the computer table down or what.  But for now, I decided it was a perfect table to display holiday items. 

What I worked with and already had:
- scarf as the runner
- books that I took the covers off too (hello Twilight!)
- green vase
- candle
- metal tray
- black spray painted brass candlestick holders (not yet pictured- but I had already planned to do it and I can't wait to share the results!)

What I bought (with approximate prices):
- black plate with rhinestones ($2)
- white pumpkin ($3)
- crow ($2)
- black tealight candle holders ($2 total)
- orange pumpkins- from a small bag of faux squash and pumpkins ($3)

What I had:
- black flower pot used to hold faux pumpkins/squash
- green champagne bottle used as vase

What I bought:
- black candle skull with rhinestone eyes ($3)
- flowers for vase ($3 total)
- ceramic pumpkin (thrifted $2)

Now for the outside, minus my autumn wreath :(

The wood scarecrow and two wooden pumpkins on left- thrfited ($6 total)
metal rust colored pumpkin- thrifted ($2)

I have my autumn wreath I am waiting to hang, but no wreath holder yet, I gotta get on it because it will make it complete!  But otherwise, not too bad, eh? Did you decorate at all??

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