Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Good Hair Day

I had an ok weekend, until Sunday when I woke to my dad telling me news that my step moms mother had died.  She had recently been visiting for 6 months and was perfectly healthy.  I loved watching her play with Devin, she was just so sweet.  There's a lot more sadness and good memories, but I don't feel like sharing on the blog.  So instead, I wanted to share an outfit picture- one way to wear leggings:

This shirt is my absolute favorite shirt.  I splurged and got it from F21 this past weekend, because it goes with just about everything!  A gray skirt, leggings, many different color jeans, it could go with khakis, a variety of skirts in different colors and shapes, and you can mix it with golds or silvers.

You can better see the pattern by clicking on the picture, but also there is a pocket that you can't quite see in this picture.  The back of the shirt has a zipper that goes 1/3 down the shirt, and it's just so freaking comfortable and soft!

As for mentioning my good hair day, when I got out the shower my hair was super wavy, which is rare.  It was even nicer than when I tried out a wave perm.  So I decided to put product in it, and use the diffuser on the hair dryer, and the waves were just perfect....of course they turned to bigger waves, and ended up looking nothing like what it first was.  But, if you know me, you know I love big hair, and it still looked big without being too flat on top (which is usually my hair's biggest problem).

This pose is due to my step dad telling me over and over to kick my leg back, I didn't know what he meant so first I was playing around, but I guess it looks kinda cute.  Also, I wore these heels for an hour while running around, and I was not in pain!  They are super comfortable and cute.

blouse: F21 ($19.40)
leggings: F21 a while ago ($7)
shoes: Steven ($32) from Nordstrom Rack (originally $179 at some point, crazy!)
bracelets: some old F21, some thrifted

I already went through all the possibilities of what you can wear with this outfit, so I guess I don't need to go too much into how else you can wear a similar shirt.  But basically to dress it down you can wear:
- some ankle boots similar to riding boot style  
- or if you feel like being bold, you could do chucks and a blazer (I would definitely recommend the blazer so you don't look too "punk rock")
- and of course, can you guess I was going to say oxfords?  Check out the ones I posted a while back from Target for $15, in the Fall into Style Part 2 post.

Are you sure you can mix the colors in the shirt with browns and golds as opposed to black and silvers?
Positive.  The warm tones of the pinks and the neutral grays are easy to pair with browns and golds.  You could wear it with light jeans or jeggings, and wear tall brown slouch boots or dark brown riding boots with gold accessories.  Now if you wanted to wear the black leggings, you could still incorporate brown shoes whether they are old school oxfords, to tall riding boots.  To make it come together even better, I would throw on a brown bomber jacket, or a jacket like this:
Or this blue one (if you're wearing jeans and a blue jacket of this color, then def only wear light jeans):

Or you could do a faux fur vest:

Moral of story:
Don't be scared to mix browns and blacks, or grays and browns. Just because you are wearing black, doesn't mean you can't incorporate your favorite brown shoes or gold bracelet.  Have fun with it!


  1. ahhhh, LOVE the nude heels. They look great! Mina, you're making me want to shop!

  2. very nice! leggings are the best, do you ever wear them with flip flops in the fall? that would be a fun outfit idea!