Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm addicted.

I officially have spending problems.  Yea, I never buy anything full priced (except F21 must haves), I will rarely spend more than $10 for a shirt or pair of pants these days, and I mostly buy my jaunts used, but obvi, it all adds up!  I don't even want to add up on my online banking how much money I have spent on clothes in the past month(s), I'm so terrified.  I don't know how it happened?  Is it cuz I'm going through a quarter life crisis?  Is my blog to blame? Maybe it's because I didn't get to wear more than two outfits last year due to the pregnancy?  I don't know the answer, but I do know that I gotta stop....for at least two weeks......

Which as silly as that sounds, will be EXTREMELY hard to do!! Every Tuesday I go to goodwill, and whenever I get bored I go to places like that or even TJ Maxx, or anywhere to "look" aka I'm lying to myself cuz I know I will buy something!  But on the pros side, it's not like I'm not paying my bills, I have been buying things lately to replace like 5-6 year old things, AND I am getting a new job where I will need to wear stuff to (as opposed to working from home).  SO, even though those aren't reasons to be excused from my obsessive behavior as of late, it makes me feel...not so shitty, if you will.

Anyway, I have lots of outfits to post, and the things I promised.  I know I suck, but last week was so busy full of interviews, work stuff, family, etc.  I'll make up for it though :) <3

Update: AND, I forgot to mention, I'm debating the idea (and have been for a while) of opening up an online store of vintage/vintage inspired/cute clothes and accessories (probably on etsy?).  I wanted to do this with furniture as well, but that would be hard to do without a space.  So, some of my pieces I've bought as of late, are too long, or to big, and I have been wanting to get a sewing machine and learn how to alter them and do my own edit, which I am very excited about.  Lots of cute vintage skirts and dresses I've gotten lately, but they need to be shortened cuz they're just at weird lengths.  What do you think of this idea?  I really think I may give it a shot, and I already have a name in mind that I'm debating.  Any suggestions?

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