Monday, October 25, 2010

Killer Heels (plus a secret)

My first pair of killer heels are the open toed clogs.  I at first felt very "meh" towards clogs in general, and kinda "meh" towards platforms as well.  But my "meh"s turned into "eh!"s and I caved.

Don't like my face in above pic.

Not to sure what I was trying to do in this picture, but it's kinda funny...

yellow (whatever-they're-called) shirt: Nordstrom Rack ($8)
white tank: F21 ($8)
jeggings: h&m ($10)
Steve Madden Heels: Macys ($50)

Secret Mina Knowledge- Heels are great to wear shopping when you don't have money- you're feet hurt fast and you'll go home.

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  1. Mina!! im lovin your blog!!!!! i saved it as my bookmark on my comp so exciting! thanks for giving me great ideas :) love it! i should take you shopping with me one day :) and love ur baby!!!!!!

    Maria Rivas