Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October, October.

I love October, I really do.  I bet ya can guess why that is though, since I've only mentioned it a million times (read: fall)...

Last October, Dev was in my belly and even though his due date was around Thanksgiving, I just knew he was coming in early-mid November.  I was wrong, as he came December 3rd.  But the one thing I was right about, was how much I would enjoy dressing the fall season of 2010.  That was the one thing I truly missed when I was pregnant.  Not because I was shallow or mad about wearing the same couple of outfits, or the fact that I had to wear sweatpants for what seemed like eternity- but just the fact I would see so many cute outfits, so many styles I wanted to be a part of, and for months upon months I couldn't really bring too much of a cuteness to my style.  I guess my style is the one thing I have been proud of, the one thing I actually think I am good at, and I couldn't have that at this time last year.

Of course, I don't regret it, and I am not trying to sound like I am bitching about pregnancy, because I'm not.  I also thought about how much I couldn't wait to spend time with Dev in every little situation imaginable.  This past weekend, I got to experience one of the things I couldn't imagine or wait for.

Last year, at 36 weeks preggo:

My "wonderings" from last year became reality:

And some pictures for fun:

It sounds cliche, but having Devin has not only made me grow more as a person intellectually, but I've grown in ways that I didn't expect.  For example, I have blogged for years back in the myspace days, but I never expected that I would have a blog that I am this passionate about.  I always knew I loved clothes and fashion, but I never expected to take pictures of my outfits and enjoy sharing them with people. 

There are a million other things I have learned about myself over these past 10.5 months of Devin's life.  And don't worry, I won't bore you with it. But one thing I know for sure, is that we think we know so much every year growing up, but the next year we find that we just learned so much more.  So no matter what you know or learn, just don't forget to be thankful and don't forget to strive for more.

"If you're not growing; you're dying."

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  1. family pics always make my heart melt - glad you're growing :) and glad you're using bright pink lipstick :) looks good!