Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mix'n Match'n

So here it is guys! My first inspiration outfit post, amongst many more to come! I am hoping to a) give inspiration to others, b) encourage myself to work with more of what I have in my closet, and better be able to come up with outfits (without buying pieces as often), and c) get famous asap (jk!!) to show you guys how much money I don't spend on clothes, but show that I can still manage to look nice. I have put the captions underneath with brand/where I got it, and approximate price.

{Dress: Forever 21 ($18), elephant necklace: gifted, stone necklace: Forever 21 ($6), striped shirt: Forever 21 ($14), Shoes: Michael Kors ($20)}

{bracelets: Forever 21 ($6), David Yurman replica bracelet: Chinatown ($7), glasses: Apple bottoms (costco- $25)}

{rings: vintage band (my great grandmas, from 1926), vintage maracsite: Etsy ($18)}

I wore this dress out and about yesterday.  I later decided to take the earrings off, I thought they were a bit much with all the other mix match plus glasses.  Had I found my aviators for the picture, then maybe I would have kept them on.  I mixed this dress with this red and white striped button up.  I got it from Forever 21 to wear over simple tees, but this worked out well too. 

Look forward to an awesome guest post coming soon, and my Fall Into Style Part 2!


  1. cute outfit! love the shoes!

  2. MINA OMG! How have I missed this?! I love this outfit! I am seriously sad that I haven't seen your blog sooner! I am a dedicated reader now!