Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Hello dear friends!  I hope you had a Happy Sunday!  We just finished the last of the weekends house work, and I just uploaded sneak peak pics of our home!  We still have soooo much to do, it feels never ending.  Today I definitely had fun with it though, because we got some more pieces this weekend so I was able to decorate a little, which makes me happy (this could potentially be a hint to the secret I mentioned at the end of the last post).

Anyway, the pictures I'm about to show you are just in half the living room and part of the kitchen/dining area, and they both are not complete yet.  In the next week or so, expect to see some "before and after" pics (preferably in some sun light), and maybe a more finalized version of the sneak peak aka preview.  Enjoy (and remember to click for a larger picture)!

I went to Alexandria flea market this weekend and got these prints.  I then found the thrifted frames and they were exactly what I was looking for.  I have more prints like this, I love them!

Living room preview.   The main big wall is a darker gray, and the side walls are a lighter gray.  My couch set was $400 (craigslist).  Some people hate the style, but if you notice, my current coffee table (soon to be side table), is made of vintage suitcases I bought from $2-7 a piece.  I love the red one, and also the shag rug.  The blue pillows are from the Alexandra Flea Market.  When this room is complete, you will see pictures on the wall and the rest of my records out.  Also, a "real" coffee table (per Mike's request).

Close up of the red, lighting and color is bad, but you get the idea.

You can't see the colors all that well, the lamp is blue ($6), frames are a bright red and  gold.  The table was $6, frames $1 each.

Do you spy my vintage drawers?  Bobbi says she loves this place, by the way.


These chairs may go to use when we have guest and need more seating.

This table is my step dad's grandparents (possibly great grandparents) table.  Love it!  I am probably going to paint it, but don't know what color yet.

Got two different vintage coffee tins ($1 each) and a bag of old matches ($3), some Vegas ones.  I looove them!

And the kitchen preview.

Close up of the recycle bags. I picked the photos and put them in there.  Very happy with it!

Thanks and have a Happy Monday!

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  1. Mina- The pics of your place look great since I haven't been to your new home yet. One thing I would change though is the picture frames above your recycle bins, I think they would look better side by side. Just a thought!