Thursday, August 19, 2010

This That

I got an email from Anthropologie today that looked like this:

I absolutely love this bedding set as I love letter/calligraphy stuff.  It was funny I was just speaking about that and then I got the email.  I love the curtain in the background too, while I was browsing the site I saw that (it's like $140 or something ridiculous by the way), I didn't even notice it was in this pic I love.  I like our bedspread right now (picture to come one day soon, hopefully), but maybe I will end up switching it up sometimes.

Speaking of comfy beds, doesn't this bed look amazingly comfy?

{picture from}

I love everything about it.  I want it!!! Is it the big comfy looking comforters?  The many pillows? I think I would almost feel like a kid again, with the arms almost securing me in.  I love the grays too and the mix match of patterns.  Also, the decorations hanging, very gothic mid-century- if there is such thing.  Oh, and why'd they cut off half of the dog in the pic? ("jk" for those who don't know my sense of humor).

As you can see, I love gray and how it goes with everything.  Time for comfy bed for me.

p.s. I have some house pics from some famous writers coming soon!

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