Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Had to Do It

I had to get this beautiful ring from Anthropologie.  I have to say, this is my first Anthropologie purchase.  I used to look at their catalogs in awe about 6 years ago, then I forgot about it, and the reconnected, but still never purchased anything (I haven't even been to the store- it closed down).  Anyway, this is my present to myself for getting the house- a.k.a I'm just bs-ing and giving an excuse for my purchase, but regardless, I won't have much money to spare anytime soon, so...I guess it is a present, and last one for a while.

It is gold plated with swarovski crystals, for $28.  There was a turquoise one too.  Not sure if the sale was just today, but you should go check it out if you love it as much as I did.  I'll let you know how it looks in person.


  1. WOW, i DO love this!!!! i just might have to get one, too....just bought some earrings that would match this perfectly!

  2. did you buy it online or at the store - i don't see it online! :(

  3. I'll only tell you if you do the giveaway. ;) jk, here is the link: