Monday, August 9, 2010

Suprise Giveaway!

Through out this blogging experience, I have often gotten great feedback via emails, or people telling me in person, or a friend telling me from someone else, etc.  I can't even begin to explain the happiness it always brings me....every.single.time.  Even a simple, "I read your blog," is quite comparable to the happiness I feel from listening to reggae on a summer night.

I don't do this just to be a famous blogger one day (although, I won't say I don't hope for that a little). I do it because I absolutely love it! I have written since I was in 2nd grade, whether it was writing in my dairy, or writing stories.  Actually, my dad owned a photo store and I would sit there bored, get on the computer, write a paragraph in Microsoft Word, make a corresponding picture in paint and put it in the word doc, and stand outside of my dad's store yelling, "Books for sale! Books for sale! A dollar a book!  Books for sale!"  No, my point is not that I have always been a lil hustler, but that I have always had a passion for writing.  Anyway, to show my appreciation and happiness to you readers, I have decided to do a surprise give away (I explain why it was a surprise), on Friday!

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Just a few simple steps to enter:

1.  If you haven't hit "follow" already, then do so, so you can leave a comment!  Don't worry, you won't get annoying emails of posting updates or anything.  All you need is a google account.

2.  Leave a comment to this post telling me:

a) How you found my blog (even if it's cuz I shoved it down your throat).

b) Tell me something good! What your favorite post has been so far (whether it was informative, or a photo you liked, etc.) or what keeps you coming back (it won't hurt my feelings if it's just to see pics of Devin).

c) Have you ever bought something I have blogged about, or followed any particular advice?

d) Any suggestions?  Anything you would like to see me blog about? If you prefer to email this for privacy reasons, feel free (see email in top right of the blog).

Yaay! I am super excited to see what you guys have to say, good or bad.  Oh, and guys, don't be hesitant to join the giveaway too, it won't be something you will dislike or have no need for.  Girls, trust me, I got you too.  Don't forget to check back Friday!


  1. a) You shoved it down my throat:)
    b) Pics of Dev of course!! But also I like the Post Secrets, especially the one about "going to the movie with 'Rents"
    c)No and no.
    d)No suggestions. Just be you!

  2. a) SHOVED DOWN MY THROAT, jeez.
    d) I prefer to e-mail you for privacy reasons.

  3. a.) i enjoy your blogs they are very informative.
    b.) I think you are an amazing writer and that one day you will be famous for it
    c.) I have no bought it yet..however I am interested in how you decorated your house so freaking cheap. im jealous
    d) I think you do a great job mina... keep on doing it!

  4. a) you post about it all the time on buzz ;P
    b) love the pics of Devin. Also the blog is so you in many ways and I am finding we have a lot in common.
    d) More pics of Devin please. Keep up the good work!

  5. (a) I think I first caught sight of it from you Gmail status, I think that's been the main source of entry for me. Maybe Facebook posts about a new blog have got me back, can't remember

    (b) I have read only about 3-5 posts, the one that definitely stands out the most for me was the Yard Sale post. It was pretty funny, and I hope I never have to do one of those, but the pointers were good.

    (c)No I don't buy things in general, I'm super cheap

    (d) Nothing in particular, web 2.0 startups and mobile startup ideas/opportunities if you really want to catch my attention, but I'm not your target audience i'm sure

    Good luck!

  6. a - i'd seen you post it on facebook!
    b - i love your money saving tips/advice. you always have good shopping tips, too :)
    c - yep, most recently avoided buying my makeup/body lotion at CVS or the grocery store and went to target instead. (not that i need an excuse to go to target, hehe!)
    d - hmm. no, i really dig your blog!!! i like that you cover various topics (fashion, celebrities, money, life, etc).

    not that i think you need ANY help at all (cuz you don't, lady!), but reading these tips from a successful blogger helped me fine-tune things a little, and gave me some good ideas:

  7. a) Facebook, if I remember correctly...although you might have emailed me about it. I've been reading your blogs forever it seems!

    b) I like all of yours posts. You are so good at being you, and I <3 you, so...I love everything you post.

    c) I've gotten inspiration for outfits and home decoration.

    d) Nope. Keep doing you!

  8. a) From you!
    b) I like the vintage rings and jaunt like that.
    c) Most of it is home stuff which I'm not really needing right now!
    d) Nah girl, do you